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Kaduna NUJ To Immortalise Long Serving Staff, Hamisu Ado

The Nigeria Union of Journalists, NUJ, Kaduna Council, at an emergency Congress on Wednesday resolved to immortalised its long serving staff, late Hamisu Ado.

Ado who died early hours of Monday after a brief illness was employed in 1987 and had served the council in the last 32 years.

Until his demise, he was a messenger, who had worked diligently for both the council and members at individual level.

He was described as an embodiment of patience, an easy going man, who never during his life time compromised the tenets of his religion.

During a Valedatory Congress in honour of the deceased, the former chairman of the council, Yunusa Aliyu said Hamisu was a committed staff of the council, saying he will be remembered for these legacies he left behind.

He said: “late Hamisu Ado was not a practicing Journalist, but he knows the good and bad moments of Kaduna Journalists.

” We had loss a great man, and it will be difficult to have his replacement”.

In his remarks, the immediate past Chairman of the Council, Yusuf Idris who is also the Vice President zone’ A’, said he was privileged to work with  late Hamisu for a period of three years and some months, describing him as an honest man.

Speaking in empathy, he stressed that non of his children should be allowed to drop out of school.

In his condolence message, the assistant editor of the Nation Newspaper, Akinjide Jide Babalola said: ” what I knew of him over the years easily convinces me of his exceptional  excellence as a being. Although he did not have the education or exposure that most of us had, he stood much taller in terms of genuine human feelings towards others and very sincere Godliness.

“He was a most excellent citizen of Nigeria, relating so well with everyone from ALL parts of this great country and with him, nobody cares to identify him with any town, state or tribe. Humble, extremely concientious, hard working and faithful to his Maker, even in the face of palpable lack.

“Hamisu was perhaps the most excellent advertisement for his religion. He had all than you can look for in an exemplary Christian and not the self-righteous noisemakers that pop up now and then. I never ceased to wonder how, with the right opportunity, Hamisu could have been a great leader, an exceptional manager or any other thing comparable to such”, Babalola said.

The Chairman of the council, comrade Adamu Yusuf said Hamisu was a good father to his children and a good husband to his wife, saying he stood by his family until his death.

While speaking, Comrade Yusuf promised to look into the recommendations emanated from members during the Congress.



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