Kaduna PDP Deputy Governorship Candidate Spends Birthday With Kajuru IDPs

Kaduna PDP Deputy Governorship Candidate Spends Birthday With Kajuru IDPs

 Kaduna State Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Candidate for the 2019 gubernatorial elections, Honourable Sunday Marshal Katung has marked his birthday in style in Kaduna with the Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) from Kajuru Local Government Area.

Supported by several dignitaries, Honourable Katung Stormed the Adara Town Hall,,Sabon Tasha Kaduna where two thousand IDPs are camped, and splint them with lunch and several items.

He said in his nature, he would have loved to hand over the items quietly, but was surprised that media and other well wishers got a wind of the presentation and thronged the venue.

“By nature, we have never lived in IDP camps, but to show love as instructed by the Bible, we have to do this for our brothers and sisters that have come to this unbearable environment.

“If you have more than 10 dresses, just bring some here. I appeal that we provide relief materials for them to go back to their houses. You can see here, they don’t have toilets and other conveniences,” he added.

Speaking further, he congratulated the Kaduna State PDP Chairman, Honourable Felix Hassan Hyat, who was also marking his wedding anniversary.

“There are no toilets or sanitary facilities. I am appealing that besides food, let’s see how we can buy things that will enable them go back to their various houses,” he appealed.. 

“We have various avenues for raising funds, don’t talk about me, talk about these individuals here and I am sure God will bless us.

“I thank you for identifying with me, our chairman and my sister here who is my birthday mate,” he added.

He prayed that may all present should  never be compelled by circumstance to ever be in such conditions of being IDPs.

Items donated included 45 bags  of maize, 150 bags of rice, 50 bags of rice for Sanga victims, one and a half  bail of clothes, thirty pieces of small and medium mats, 20 bundles on roofing sheets, five 25 litres jerry cans of palm oil,  N500,099 for medical attention as well as  lunch packs for 2,000 IDPs.

Present at the event included were, Kaduna State PDP Chairman, Honourable Felix Hassan Hyat, SOKAPU President, Barrister Solomon Musa, former PDP Chairman, CAN Chairman, Reverend Joseph Hayab, CAN Secretary, Reverend Sunday Ibrahim, former Commissioner of Environment,, Honourable Yohanna Allahmagani.

He was supported by Honourable Solomon Maren from Plateau State who supported him by donating five bags of maize and two bags of beans.

SOKAPU President,  Barrister Solomon Musa in his remarks, commended Honourable Katung. That you have chooses today to celebrate your birthday with orphans and IDPs, may the Lord grant you your heart desires.

This is a lesson, this is a teaching, that everyone should identify with what his Excellency has done today. Many have responded, but a lot yet to respond. Don’t wait till you get your thousand Naira, bring your hundred Naira. 

Look at these kids, they need to be in schools. We call on everyone here to bring in their support. If you have a tier of rice, bring it. 

This is not the only IDP camp. There are many more and let me use thus opportunity to thank the medical team. They have attended to hundreds of victims.

The children in the  IDP camp presented a special birthday song in appreciation of the gestures.

He promised to collaborate with friends and associates in ensuring their education is not truncated.

Kaduna PDP Chairman,  appealed for support for the children in the IDP camp.

May we all rise to the challenge of turning thus camp around. I challenge the House of Assembly, if the NASS can present motion on the fate of people been killed indiscriminately and the Kaduna Assembly sitting quietly. 

 I say it that if the Speaker only interested in being Speaker and representing the governor, he should bury his head in shame.

They were able Togo round and look for votes, but have not been able to look into this issue.

On a lighter note, those who want to know that age of the Honourable, he will have no option but to accept the age I have given him, I give him 41 years. As God has added a new age, he should add more blessings to him.

CAN Chairman Kaduna State, Reverend John Hayab in his remarks, said that he joins the IDPs in congratulating the celebrant. 

We wish him many more years. An occasion like this reminds us that there is always a humble beginning. Some of us had humble beginnings.

 The best way to celebrate is to show love to those in need. Our desire is that this children should grow in a good environment devoid of such violence. 

As many of us that a privileged, please contribute your quota to ensure this violence ends.

I think these three weeks they are staying here, the lessons they are receiving may be Kore than what they have ever learnt.  

We have been getting support, thus morning we got support of about three hundred bags of rice, which would be distributed to all the camps.

Chairman Adara Development Association, Kaduna branch, Gambo Auta

On behalf of the IDPs, they prayed he fulfill his destiny. The step you took to this place to identify with us, we pray God blesses you.

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