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Kadunas Forgotten Community

By Ibrahima Yakuby

Women residing in Kaduna forgotten Community cries-out for help, as they cover over 20 kilometers distance before getting access to medical attention.

Cikaji-Ruhoki is the  name of The village ,and  is situated just behind Kukkumake town ,which is in Igabi local government area of  kaduna state –North western Nigeria,

it is a villages were pregnant women  and other elderly person ,little children do usually uses Tipper truck  and motor-cycle “machine” while others Trek for a far away distance to attend ante-natal services ,and other medical check-up ,

There are over 700 of residents living  in the community in which majority of them are Gwagi by tribe,and most of them are local farmers ,Traders,while the women were into other commercial business activities like selling of firewood,and other petit business

Mrs Talatu Bamaiyi is one of the women that was interview by a kaduna base journalist who paid a visit to the area,and she expressed sadness over the increasing daily challenges confronting most of the women that are living In the village due to lack of hospital in the entire community,as most of them usually have high blood pressure as a result of the suffering they are passing through before reaching hospital to deliver their  babies

“Pregnancy  suppose to be a thing of joy for every women across the world,but due to fear of lack of hospital and distance barriers ,many women among us are soo afraid of getting pregnancy in the village because of the differents  stage of suffering they usually passes through, in which some passes the stage so easily,while others died ”

“we need hospital in this village to save our rural women from the stressed and the sufferings they are passing through, and to reduce the rate maternal maternity issues”

Talatu said,there are  many pregnant women dies are as result of the suffering they usually under-go while moving from their village to Kawo hospital,which is relatively far away from their own local community,and according to her,they spend huge amount of money every time they are going to kawo general hospital for medical help

She said,the distance from Unguwan cikaji-Ruhoki to kawo Hospital is equivalent to 20-25 kilometer before getting to the hospital,

Talatu added “ every pregnant women that  want to go for any medical check-up or anti-natal service ,she has to climb Tipper Trucks that were used for  loading sand which are used for building construction, because that is the only means of transportation in the village,as small cars cannot passes-by easily”

She further state that, due to the bad nature of the road that is disturbing  farming activities in the region,most farmers find it extremely difficult in transporting  their farm produce to kaduna market,

She also says ,as a result of the lack of hospital and any other health facility in the villages,most married women were afraid of getting pregnant to avert the suffering they are under-going through

Talatu says,”From our village to kawo hospital ,its truly a very long distance journing for any pregnant women ,and as such this problems usually put us in trouble ,which usually lead to the death of some women ,while other, ended up in having miscarriage”

According to Talatu,the village has been in existence for over 200 years and they have been living in peace and harmony with other neighboring Hausa villages,fulanies and other tribes

“Due to lack of electricity in the village, no one is informed about news and current affair in the country, not to talk about social media; we don’t have anything”

She also says that Toilet infection is disturbing them and the need awareness from health expert but no one is coming to help them

Mr salomon David is also another resident of the villages, he also narrate the suffering most pregnant women and elderly persons  in the villages  faces due to lack of hospital  or clinic in the villages

Solomon said,we cannot estimate the number of women that have died as a result of lack of hospital in the villages “lack of hospital is the greatest challenges everyone in the villages is facing,can’t you see the nature of the road,it is only Tipper truck and motor-cycle that passes here every day, it’s a piety seeing our pregnant women climbing Tipper Truck to go to hospital,

Solomon begs kaduna state government to create primary health care in the villages ,so as to reduce the large numbers of women that usually died while trying to go to hospital for delivery

Mr Musa Dauda who is also another villager told journalist they apart from lack of hospital that is disturbing the large number of people residing in the area, another big problems is the lack of school and other social basic amenities in the area

Mr musa says politician do usually comes to this villages during campaign, they usually promises us many thing,but hardly they come back after winning the election

He added that,”Nigerian politician uses to come  to see us with their candidate, for campaign in big cars,and dispatch the distance ,they will come to our community and make promises to improve our lives,but hardly see them returned once they are elected into the offices’

Musa said,this is the first time they saw a journalist in their villages, adding that they are really greatful for the visit,

He  finally appealed to kaduna state government,Non-governmental organization,Civil societies organization and development partners to come to their rescue



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