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Anambra Guber: ‘Why Ndi Anambra Will Vote UPP’ – Chidoka

As More Christian Leaders Pray For Him

Lead contender and candidate of the United Progressive Party (UPP) in the November 18, 2017 Anambra governorship election, Chief Osita Chidoka has called on the people of the state to continue in their support for the UPP as it champions its self-determination ideology.
Chidoka, whose popularity has continued to soar following his first-rate plans and programmes for the state as well as his courageous pan-Igbo stance, stated this while receiving a delegation of Christian leaders and Anambra youths who visited him in his country home, Obosi on Saturday.

Urging the people to vent their agitations and aspirations through their votes, Chidoka said electing the party and candidate that best represents their voices is a sure step towards achieving those aspirations.

“I commend ndi Anambra for identifying with the UPP. The UPP is that one party that understands and stands with the people in their aspiration. It is the only party that has chosen the idea of self-determination as an intrinsic right of Nigerians to determine by choice, their residency and their citizenship.

“By voting for the UPP, ndi Anambra would have with one loud voice, voted for the referendum. A vote for the UPP will be a vote that says to the whole country, this is the Nigeria we want and that message will not be lost on Nigeria.

“If we fail to vote, then we betray and put ourselves inside the lock and key of those who marginalize and repress us: those who give us operation python dance and those who relegate us as mere 5 percent”, he said.

Agreeing that the major reason for voter apathy is the fear that votes don’t count, Chidoka however maintained that this time, all votes will count and that nothing short of the mandate of the people will prevail.

“In this election, all votes will definitely count. We will ensure that INEC kept its promise to use electronic transmission of results directly from the polling centers. By that, only the will of the people as expressed in the ballot will determine the outcome of the election”, he said.

He therefore urged ndi Anambra, especially the youth to use the election to determine the future of the state by enthroning a government that best represents their interest, which he now embodies as the candidate of the UPP.

Earlier, leader of the delegation, Ven. Dr. Oswald Ezekwere, the Archdeacon of Obosi Anglican Archdeaconry said the group was in Chidoka’s house to encourage and pray with him.

He later led the group in praying for God’s guidance, strength and grace on the UPP candidate ahead of the election.


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