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KDSG assures residents, confirms bench warrants over illegal ultimatum

Residents of Kaduna State have been assured that they have nothing to fear, no matter what their ancestry is. This assurance was given by the Kaduna State Government which commended all residents and communities in the state for their contribution to Peace and harmony. The government informed residents that law enforcement and security agencies are taking necessary action to prevent any threat to peace.

The statement, signed by government spokesman Samuel Aruwan, said that the state government is steadfast about enforcing the law and in keeping the peace. The statement also disclosed that KDSG had taken further actions in relation to those persons that carpet-bagged into Kaduna to threaten the liberty of other citizens. The government has obtained bench warrants for their arrest, after filing a formal criminal complaint.

“The Kaduna State Government notes with commendation the efforts of the residents of our diverse state to uphold peace in their communities. The government and their security agencies are working to prevent any threats to this cherished harmony. Vigorous security patrols will continue as part of concrete action to reassure residents and demonstrate that bad behaviour is unwelcome and will not be tolerated.

“When some elements barged into our state capital to deliver an illegal ultimatum to a section of our community, the government condemned it and ordered the arrest of those concerned. The Kaduna State Government followed up with a formal criminal complaint to the police, and has obtained a bench warrant against them. Therefore, anybody that sights them or is aware of their location should proudly discharge the civic duty of informing the police.

“The criminal complaint specifies the sections of the recently updated Penal Code Law of Kaduna State, 2017 that were violated by those that issued the illegal ultimatum. These include:

1. Inciting Disturbance:​​Section 78
2. Disturbing Public Peace: ​​Section 77
3. Injurious Falsehood: ​​Section 373
4. Unlawful Assembly: ​​Section 66
5. Criminal Conspiracy: ​​Section 59

“The formal criminal complaint and the bench warrant secured on 8th August 2017 provide a basis to investigate, apprehend and ultimately prosecute the suspects.

“Accordingly, a competent court has directed the Commissioner of Police- Kaduna State to act on the criminal complaint. The Kaduna State Government considers this a most important matter of law enforcement, and will not relent on the matter.

“Anybody contemplating unlawful action should know that such will invite a vigorous law-enforcement response. The Kaduna State Government is persuaded that a law-governed society should always signal that sanctions will follow illegal behaviour. This is in the interest of justice, peace and harmony.

“All residents of Kaduna State are enjoined to go about their lawful business, uphold and respect their neighbours and report any suspicious activity or person. Nobody has the power to evict another citizen or to tell them where they can or cannot live.”



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