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NBA – EL-RUFAI BROUHAHA: Who will save this country?

By Yusuf I. Goje

The needless uproar by the citizens on NBA’s decision to withdraw Gov. El-rufai’s invitation to speak at its conference shows our lack of seriousness as a nation.

It also shows the hypocrisy of groups that should know better. An inconsequential internal action taken by NBA against a Governor has now polarized a whole nation along ethno-religious divide.

How does a Governor delivering a speech or not put food on your table? How does it ensure the security of your lives and properties? How does it provide jobs for the teeming unemployed? How does it reduce the poverty rate? How does it reduce child and maternal mortality rate? How does it reduce illiteracy? How does it reduce inequality?

Religion indeed is a powerful tool for political manipulation, and the electorates are unfortunately always a willing tool to be used.

What is sad is that educated personalities and groups that should know better and fight against it are the ones championing it; largely because of cheap primordial sentiments, narrow political interest and stipends.

We leave urgent issues of national importance to focus on personalities many of who careless about us and are intent on only aggregating power, primitive accumulation of wealth and feeding their inflated ego.

Who is going to hold the government accountable for its constitutional mandate of securing the people and meeting their welfare needs?

Sadly, many of those shouting about the vexed issue do not know the breakdown of the 2020 revised budget (which directly impacts them) not to talk of tracking and holding the government accountable for revenue utilization (budget implementation).

Who will save this country? Because it seems that even those who should be the conscience of the society and voice of the voiceless have been corrupted and politicized.

Can we get serious for once as a people and nation? I weep for the future of this country, because both the leaders and led have set us up on the path of self-destruction.

We shall overcome..

Y. I. Goje



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