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Obasanjo: Study letter, act appropriately- Bafarawa advises Buhari

By Ado Hassan, Sokoto
A stalwart of the opposition Peoples Democratic Party and one time presidential candidate of the Democratic Peoples Party(DPP), Attahiru Dalhatu Bafarawa has advised President Muhammadu Buhari not to jettison the letter by former President Olusegun Obasanjo, saying he(Buhari) should take his time to study the content.
According to Bafarawa,”is as an opportunity for the present to amends.”‎
‎Bafarawa who noted that the letter was the former president”s personal opinion, but said contained a lot and if taken serious, would help the current APC government to make the change it desired for Nigerians.
Obasanjo in the last Tuesday‎ letter, criticised president Buhari’s administration for not performing especially in reviving the economy while accusing him of nepotism, in addition to other issues that deserved prompt and immediate attention.
Although, the former governor refused to go with Obasanjo on his call on President  Buhari not to contest in 2019, saying that” it is God who can decide that. Obasanjo is only expressing his mind. But one thing is that, whether Buhari contest or not, he will surely leave. The highest is two terms of four years each. His tenure can terminate after the first four years.” ‎
Bafarawa who was one time governor of Sokoto state broke his long silence in Sokoto Sunday evening while granting audience to reporters at his personal residence.
‎He said Obasanjo was and remains a leader irrespective of his faults and shortcomings, ” but one thing is that he has spoken the truth and even Buhari cannot deny nor contradict the contents of the letter.”
According to the veteran political figure who had tested the strength and weaknesses of ‎over five political parties before joining PDP insisted that former President Obasanjo had the experience and broad knowledge of Nigeria as a former leader, adding that” he is also my leader because I still respect him as my leader.”
His words: ” Nigerians should also reason and have a second thought on what the former president wrote. It’s an opportunity for Buhari to also ponder and know what to do. If president Buhari thinks he is doing well, he knows if otherwise, he knows too”, he ‎ stated‎
Bafarawa also described as nothing but gross hardship the much sang’ APC change mantra’ has brought to Nigerians‎.
” This is why PDP is working to come up with a better choice to actualise it’s dream of giving Nigerians a favourable option‎.
” You have seen our gathering as evidence that we are formidable and ready.
” What Nigerians need is not just change but those who are patriotic and have the ability to demonstrate their readiness to serve justly to reposition the socio-economic direction of the country”, he said.
Commenting on calls on him by some Nigerian‎s to contest the 2019 presidential position, Bafarawa described the move as a wish and hope.
While acknowledging the thinking of those clamouring for his declaration, the dogged political stalwart maintained that‎” it is not the matter of been called to contest but what you have to offer the people.
He said ” Its their opinion. Leadership is a public affair destined by God. Though, I am a Nigerian who should be democratic by working with the choice and wishes of the people. But I have not made up my mind. God only will decide my political ambition.
” God do not and will nt make mistake if he destined me or anyone to be a leader in what ever capacity, one will surely be”, he explained.
‎On the rumour renting the attention of the public that he was decamping to APC, the former governor said” that would have been a disaster and serious political miscalculation and total lost.”


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