Panic in Asaba as Money Ritualists Target Ladies’ Pants at Gunpoint

CP Mustafa Muhammad, Police Commissioner , Delta State
Asaba residents in Delta State, South-South Nigeria, are now in panic mode over  hoodlums’ new tactic of  forcing ladies to remove their pants and urinate in cellophane bags at gun point for money ritual purposes.
However,  the police commissioner in the state, Mustafa Muhammad, who on Sunday addressed journalists on the spreading fear, sued for calm saying the police were on top of the situation.
CP Mustafa Muhammad said: “the police are aware of the current activities of hoodlums that  force female residents of Asaba to pull their pants and urinate in cellophane bags for rituals.
No arrest has been made, but investigation is on going.
“It’s true there are Yahoo-yahoo boys, the police will do everything possible to bring them to book in the state.
“We call on the public to be focused and disregard the fear, the police are fully on ground to ensure hoodlums are brought to book”
It was gathered that Yahoo-yahoo boys have allegedly resolved by force to meet their targets in their occultic world and more often in prowling surveillance, swoop on unsuspecting female residents of Asaba to force them into removing their pants and urinate in cellophane bag for ritual activities‎
Since the increasing rate of ritual killings in Delta State, fear of the unknown has continued to unsettle Asaba town and it’s residents as just a few days ago, an18-year-old girl identified as Chinwe Benson was allegedly murdered around Infant Jesus Road by yet unidetified hoodlums.
Though police commissioner Muhammad, who spoke to journalists in Asaba said there was no cause for alarm, but comfired that Yahoo-Yahoo boys may have taken over the state, assuring that everything possible will be put in place to make the state crime-free soon.
“Chinwe’s tongue and part of her private party were removed, I know there will be trouble, but the police will not sweep such horrendous act of these Yahoo, Yahoo boys under the carpet,” CP Mustafa Muhammad said.
Some residents of Asaba who spoke to journalists on condition of anonymity, that: it’s not a rumour, it’s true and we have had cases of such and the matter was reported to the police, two ladies’ pants were removed from the rope by yet unidetified persons and upto now, the owner of the pants have not found them. So we are appealing to the security agents to help fish out the hoodlums’
Sources said that female urine and pants are allegedly used for the purposes of ritual killings after which they become very rich as during night fall these boys drive every where in Asaba from one  “Joint to another to catch unsuspecting female residents, especially desperate girls in the quest for wealth.”

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