The online news was described as a kindergarten report by the senator’s spokesman. The spokesman further explained that the senator is the owner of the hotel but he leased it out to private company who now manage the hotel hence he became ignorant of the state of the staff as he pays for services as customer like any other customer that will need the services of the hotel.

It is understood that the senator cannot shoulder the responsibility of being the senator of Southern part of Kaduna and managing the hotel, hence the reason why he leased the hotel to private company to manage it for him.

It was unfortunate that the online reporter did not consult the senator for his side of the story and the management before publishing her story.

Business has been bad in this part of the state due to the incessant killings of the Southern Kaduna people by herdsmen, which result to low patronage of customers. And which directly affect the performance of the hotel hence the delayed in payment of salary.

The distinguished Senator Danjuma La’ah,  is not aware of the management delay in the payment of staff salary as he is not the one managing the hotel. He was voted by the loving people of Southern Kaduna and he is absolutely accountable to them. His concentration is on the growth, development and well-being of the electorates of Southern Kaduna.

The mutual business arrangement (leasing the out Hotel) placed the Senator as a customer, he pays his bills whenever in the Hotel.

The senator is known as a philanthropist even before he became the senator and because that is his nature and he is now aware of the condition of the staff in the hotel, he has offered to pay them their outstanding salaries