Olusegun Obasanjo Ex President of Nigeria


Yes, Obasanjo was very bitter with Atiku before and had vowed never to support his candidature for the presidency. So what?

Yes, some Christian and Muslim clerics accompanied Atiku to Obasanjo’s house to beg Obasanjo on behalf of Atiku and reconcile them. So what?

Now, Obasanjo has forgiven Atiku, embraced and promised to support him as the next President of Nigeria, “Insha Allah”, as he put it. Again, so what?

Media noise makers will not allow us be. They have been calling Obasanjo, Atiku and the clerics names. Should we be bothered? No, not at all!

To be angry is human. Even Jesus exhibited that human aspect of him when he chased away the traders that were desecrating the holy temple. Is Obasanjo not human capable of getting angry?

Atiku understands politics much more better than their candidate. He knew from the outset that the office of the President is not his personal estate, but a public trust; hence he must first of all reconcile with everybody, the highly and lowly, including Obasanjo. Atiku did not go to Obasanjo and ask for forgiveness and reconciliation so as to boost his personal business empire.

Mediators have special role to play in reconciliation; and who can do this better than the clerics? Has their candidate asked for the intervention of the clerics and they refused? Or, they want to tell us that their candidate is all-righteous, infallible and has never offended anybody in his life?

If we cannot forgive others for their transgressions against us, how do we expect God to forgive us? God will only forgive us when we forgive others. Obasanjo is a happier man now than before. Forgiveness frees us from an unnecessary emotional and ego burden.

All of them, Obasanjo, Atiku and the clerics, did the right thing before God and man. Only the ‘anti-kulated’ ones see otherwise.


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