Support ICFJ for #GivingTuesday

Support ICFJ for #GivingTuesday
For this year’s , please take a moment to join our campaign called It Takes a Journalist. At a time when attacks against the news media are escalating, the International Center for Journalists believes it is essential to showcase the tremendous impact reporters are having worldwide. By making a donation now, you are ensuring that we can provide programs that strengthen quality journalism across the globe.
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Whatever we are trying to achieve in society –better governance, a cleaner environment, elevating the lives of the poorest – It Takes a Journalist to expose the problems and help us find solutions.

In Kenya, a journalist we worked with exposed that fake malaria drugs were on sale in pharmacies throughout Nairobi. It Takes a Journalist like Stellar Murumba to get them removed from the shelves so that citizens can get the proper treatment.

In India, a reporter cast a spotlight on negligent doctors responsible for infant deaths at a hospital. It Takes a Journalist like Amit Bhatt to get them suspended.

In Mexico, a reporter in our investigative network revealed corruption involving the First Family’s residence – La Casa Blanca. It Takes a Journalist like Carmen Aristegui to trigger the biggest anti-corruption reforms in the country’s history.

Singling out journalists for the contributions they make to society is vital at this critical time. By supporting ICFJ, you are getting behind our efforts to back these reporters with training and expertise to ensure that audiences get reliable, trustworthy news. In an age of misinformation, journalists play a key role as the world’s truth tellers.

This , please make a tax-deductible contribution. It takes generous supporters like you to make sure that journalists continue to have impact.

Thank you for being a champion of the ICFJ mission.

Very gratefully,

Joyce Barnathan
President, ICFJ

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