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Why I No Longer Have Role In Nollywood –Hadi Zak Ekpoki

Hadi Zak Ekpoki, popularly known as facecute with business name as facecutemakeover, a film director and film Actor AGN said that his dream for Afemais is for the international community to have a view of Afemai culture, just as he rise alarm that the major reason why he has not been given role to play in the Nollywood is tribalism.

In an interview with tracereporter, he said that show casing the Afemai culture through movies will go a long way for the new generation and those that are yet unborn.

Hadi Zak Ekpoki


Hadi Zak Ekpoki and Emeka Ani in naked quest


The making of naked quest with Sam Loco
Pete Edochie and I, in the making of oduduwa film
With late Festus Aguebor
In Ghana, during the shooting of beast of zuzu

Said he, “Afemai has six local government in Edo state, with over two million population, we are the Edo north with rich cultural heritage and are our major occupation is farming “.

On how he came into the movie industry: I came in 1992 as a crew member, I started my acting in Lagos and my first acting was glamour girls part one which was directed by Chika Onu. I’ve also acted a lot of films, like Mother Eva, after school hour, house on fire, mama Sunday, Laraba the broken bridges, naked quest Zombis of Africa,

On what motivated him into acting: I had the passion for acting right from my primary school days and after my secondary school I joined the Nigeria film industry as a crew member. My joining the film industry was to project what is happening in our society, basically in Nigeria, I have all it takes to produce films also come to project the Africa culture and beyond Africa culture.

Difficulties: there are a lot of difficulties some of us face before given a role to play, some of these difficulties are tribalism, godfatherism, immoral aspect of it like sex abused, intimidating. It came to a time that I no longer get a role in the film industry because am not Igbo by tribe but they’ve forgotten that am some how related to Igbo through maternal side, do we need all these to make an impact in the movie industry? Give what belong to ceaser to ceaser, if you are good you should be able to play the role without sentiment. I also have problem of lack of finance to produce movie.

So far I have produce and direct two films with Afemai indigenous epic films and a soup oprah called Bishop’s lodge, the films tells about the culture and what is happening in Afemai and the world generally.

Solution: when all these stop and we do the right thing, we will be encouraging the upcoming actors and also projecting the upcoming actors and actresses, we should be able to give roles to who the cap fit, we don’t need to break the rules of film, Aristotle did not do this, Konstantin Stanislaski did not do this at the time of Greek theatres.

Hadi who is also into face make-up, said he derive passion in making up bride and groom. His also a graduate of theatre art, university of Jos.


Facebook: Hadi Ekpoki

Instagram: facecutemakeover

08066314745, email:


Written By Lola Seriki- IdIdahosa

Culled from Trace Reporters



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