Tuesday, December 6, 2022
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Leave Atiku alone, go and beg Nigerians

All these people, including several high-powered delegations, “begging” Atiku Abubakar to accept this brazen subversion of the wishes of Nigerians seem not to understand that the issue has gone beyond Atiku. As it stands now, Atiku is a mere representation of the collective aspiration of the people for a better life.

These people/delegations should channel their “beggings” to the appropriate quarters. They should go and beg the millions of Nigerians Buhari screwed up. The dozens that were tragically killed in the mad quest to retain power. The millions of voters, including those who made huge personal sacrifices to vote, whose votes were suppressed and made not to count. The hundreds of INEC staff who are still traumatised by their experiences at the hands of the foot soldiers of those whose unholy ambition is worth the blood of several Nigerians.

They should go and beg the several million Nigerians that lost their jobs during the one chance change and the additional millions that stand a great risk of loosing their jobs when the stolen next level disaster kicks in.

They should go and beg the thousands of Nigerians that stand a great risk of being killed by Fulani herdsmen militia, which by the way, have come back from what seems to be a politically-induced hibernation. These are the people they should go and beg, not Atiku.



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