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2019: Sokoto SDP guber candidate promises economy revival,transparency, youth empowerment

Alhaji Mohammed Sadeeq Abubakar, gubernatorial candidate of the Social Democratic Party (SPD)‎ in Sokoto 

By Ado Hassan, Sokoto

Sokoto State
Sokoto State

Alhaji Mohammed Sadeeq Abubakar, gubernatorial candidate of the Social Democratic Party(SPD)‎ in Sokoto has assured of a people oriented government that will strengthen the idle economic base to a beneficial investment hub if elected into office.
” Sokoto people need to be encouraged through empowerment schemes and provision soft loans to boost investment.”
Similarly, he said his government will run a transparent, accountable and just system that will encourage inclusiveness irrespective of class and social status.
He maintained that due process would be respected to the latter, adding” all monies that accrue to the state government will be made open to the knowledge of people in the state.”
While unveiling his 50 page work plan at a press conference in Sokoto , Abubakar ‎said he was aware of the issues and problems affecting the people of the state, hence would be tackled to provide better opportunity for their benefit.
” If voted into power, we will strengthen development and ensure even and judicious distribution and use of resources to provide adequate infrastructure across the state.”
According to him” my blue print covers almost every aspect and sector of the economy.
” If given the mandate, ‎I will turn around the fortunes of the state for lasting legacies”, he added.
He lamented the security situation currently affecting the state, saying” I have observed that the state government is not doing enough to address the situation. It has not done anything much to support the logistics requirement of security agencies in the state.
” When given the mandate, I will ‎provide 500 patrol vehicles and a helicopter for surveillance and other emergency cases.”
‎The gubernatorial candidate who also stated that he had confidence in the media, emphasised the need for professionals to remain and maintain neutrality, adding” the media has a role to play through objective, fair and balanced reportage.
” You are the mirror through which people see themselves. You shape and mould opinions and actions. I respect your constituency and I believe you are partners in progress”, he pointed out.
In the same vein, the candidate insisted on state gubernatorial candidates debate for the people to know the calibre of leaders to govern them.
According to him” it is a platform that will provide open opportunity for electorates to assess the credibility, mission and vision of their potential leaders.
” People have the right to know through such atmosphere”, he said.
‎On the perenial shortage of water affecting the state, Abubakar said he would use his private life connections to reverse the ugly experience through experts and water engineering consultants” within six months it will be a thing of the past”, he assured



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