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2023: Isah Ashiru Unfolds His Solutions to Kaduna Problems 

The Kaduna State governorship candidate of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), Hon. Mohammed Isah Ashiru on Wednesday unfolds his solutions to kaduna problems.

The governorship hopeful who spoke on Wednesday during an interactive session with Journalists at the Nigerian Union of Journalists (NUJ), Secretariat, Kaduna State council promised to partner with Journalists if elected governor.

He said his 5-point agenda include; security, agriculture, education (science and technology), health, youth and women empowerment.

He said, “mistrust among citizenry led to insecurity in the state. A situation where one part of the state dominated the other will be thing of the past if we come to power. Poverty also contributed to insecurity. We will do everything humanly possible to arrest the situation.

Unemployment is alarming in the state

“We used to have 24 science and technology schools in the state, but now we have only 17 technical colleges are now mere buildings, nothing is happening.

“I promised that every senatorial zone has one. People are having it difficult to pay school fees. The truth of the matter is that education subsidy must be retained to make sure parents can pay school fees. So that we should not produce BoKo Haram.

“We will ensure skill based education. So that you can be on your own if you finished school. If you leave a human being without work he will create a negative work for himself that will make us cry”.

Speaking on health, women and youth empowerment, Ashiru said,

“when you go to hospitals you shed tears because equipments are not there. Patients cannot afford to pay bills, not to talk of our mothers who have breast cancer. We need three diagnosis centre in the senatorial. We will do that if we come to power.

“Problem of retrenchment has made many house wives widows. We are in talk with international organisations on how to support our people. And how to support our youth with grant and loans with negligible repay interest. We will train them to be employers of labours”.

He promised that, Kaduna will be again by the special grace of God. We will reignite Kaduna for the betterment of our people if elected, Ashiru said partnering with journalists has become imperative because they contribute to the development of the state and nation in general.

He said “I will work with journalists as partners in progress if elected governor because as the fourth estate of the realms they contribute alot to the development of the state and the country in general”.



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