An Open Letter To His Excellency, Distinguished Senator Hope Uzodinma, The Executive Governor Of Imo State:

Hope Uzodinma

I hope you have recovered from the shock occasioned by the loss of your party, the All Progressive Congress, APC, at the just concluded governorship election in Edo state?

My Dear Governor, a couple of days ago I made a trip to Imo state, my home state, and sought for an audience with you but met your absence.

Your Excellency, your commissioners and other close aides that I interacted with informed me that you travelled to Edo state for the governorship election. They further informed me that you were scheduled to return after the conclusion of the poll; Sir, while I awaited your return to the state, I a toured round the city of Owerri, the Imo state capital, and its environs.

Sir, few days afterwards, I was informed by your close aides of your arrival to Owerri. I was also informed of your inability to meet anyone simply because you were mourning the loss of your party in Edo state.

Your Excellency, I find it strange that my own Governor elected to cry more than the bereaved and mourn over an electoral loss that he was not a contestant; this is ridiculous my Governor.

However, like I mentioned earlier, I went round Imo state to see the state of our state while you were in Edo state, but what I saw was very disheartening. I was flabbergasted that Imo state, our state, could degenerate to a point of dilapidation, and would become a state suffering from reckless abandon.

Your Excellency, it appears that you are nonchalant to the needs and interests of the people of Imo state. It seems that your loyalty and interest lie with a former governor of Edo state and dethroned godfather, Comrade Adams Oshiomole; this is very sad Your Excellency.

This open letter, Your Excellency, is to call your attention to the ugly situation in Imo state that has bedeviled our state. It is to appeal to you to wake up to your responsibility, and demand that you live up to your mandate as the Governor of Imo state.

Your Excellency, my Governor, it has been eight months that you have been on the Imo state governorship saddle, and the people of our state are eager to see their state revamped and their aspirations met. They want to see a prosperous state that everyone will be proud to associated with. They want to see a better Imo state.

My Dear Governor, although this letter may appear chastising, it is meant to ginger you and get you awakened to the responsibility that God has bestowed on you as the Governor of Imo state.

May I remind Your Excellency that the position of Governor that you presently occupy is transient and not permanent. Some day, you will exit the office and will only be remembered by your deeds while in office.

Conclusively my beloved Governor, you have to wake and sit up to your responsibility. You have to turn Imo state around from the present state of disgust and ruins to the state of prosperity for all ndi’Imo.

Your Excellency, it is my hope that this letter meets you well. It is my desire that you succeed in your mandate to better Imo state.

May God bless Imo state and grant you wisdom to succeed.

Mazi Dickson Nnamdi-Iroegbu (DGN)
Filmmaker/Anchor & Producer: (Nigeria Right Now with Dickson Iroegbu) – Friday, 25th September, 2020.

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