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Banditry : ‘Its absurd to accuse a governor as responsible’ says Talban Minna

By Ado Hassan, Sokoto

Former Niger state Governor Dr Babangida Aliyu has described as absurd for a political party, individual or group to accuse a Governor of been responsible for the raging problem of banditry especially in the northwest.

Speaking to reporters during a chat on the sidelines of the Shehu Shagari College of Education pre- convocation lecture, Aliyu who was the Guest Speaker said the allegation was out of place and far from common reasoning .

According to him ” whatever it is, is the responsibility of the security to investigate and come out with the facts lines .

” We have seven governors in the northwest region and the direction of accusing fingers is pointed at a governor who even before he assumed office, banditry had found it grounds years before he became governor”, he stated.

According to the Talban Minna who frowned at the development added” we have allowed charlatans to lead us in politics. If such should continue , we will not set an agenda for development. People must be told the truth in whatever guise.”

On the approach to fighting insurgency and crisis of insecurity, the Chief Servant of Niger state insisted that the military has no job to execute rather should be left to the conventional force ( police, NSCDC).

” The constitutional role of he military is to protect the nation’s sovereignty against external aggression.

” We have to keep a mutual relationship with the military and pilot economy of social policy where people will have confidence and build on a dependable synergy that will promote peace, tranquility and unity of purpose “, he pointed out.

While arguing on possession of arms for self defence by Nigerians in the midst of the security challenges, the former governor said” we don’t want to encourage that to happen in order to avoid unimaginable disaster .”

Reflecting on the FG agenda of diversifying the economy by harnessing agriculture components and other non oil mineral deposits, he said it was a good initiative to drive the country to economic prosperity even as he noted that agriculture had always been the bedrock of most countries of the world.

He added” I recall that Northern region was contributing money gotten from agriculture( ground but) to finance he drilling of oil when it was discovered.

” But for it to succeed , the policy environment must be taken into account. We are faced with insecurity and other critical environmental factors
as well attitude of Nigerians( farmers).

” The money given as intervention through the various schemes must be made to serve as loans not gift to the farmers. Only doing so , will make them to venture with responsibility and boost production”, he observed.

On the frequent change of political ship by politicians, Aliyu who expressed worries said” If I have my way, I will make a law that any elected officer with the mandate of his party cannot change platform until his mandate expires, else,
will risk forfeiting the seat.

” It is illogical to be elected on a platform of a political party and within the time period of your mandate, you defect. We have prostituted political process in this country. You can’t be jumping from one point to another in the name of politics.”

Turning to the issue of Civid-19 pandemic and reality of its dangers on humanity, the former governor cautioned Nigerians on the need to be careful and patient as the novel pandemic was not only in Nigeria bit across the globe.

” I see people behaving as if nothing is happening. Most Nigerians don’t see its spread as real. Let respect the protocols because this second phase portends more danger to our lives than the preceding experience”, he pointed out.

On the most difficult and happy moment of his tenure as governor, the Chief Servant took a little breath to say” My main challenge was the misconception of my direction at he beginning by some people in Niger state. I was prompted to challenge so many things I deemed wrong with the system I inherited. One of it was fighting against the non indigenous syndrome.

” My focus was anybody irrespective of differences was important to my administration towards achieving a better Niger state. I was not of the elitist idea.

” Anyone going into governance for ambition will fail. Try and go to serve humanity with the best of abilities and you have to be honest while serving them. The majority interest matters most as they gave you the mandate to lead.

” I am happy that after leaving office, those making noise turned out to hail and acknowledge my resilience towards making Niger state great in many respects of socioeconomic development. I have no reason not to thank Allah for His supreme support “, he concluded.



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