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Between Buhari And The Women In The Other Room

Nigeria’s president, Muhammadu Buhari loves Aishas. Don’t get it twisted. Our first lady, his wife bears the name Aisha. The minister that co-ordinates the activities of all women in Nigeria is also called Aisha.
Even though his political adviser, Hon Gideon Samani was alleged to have said that the president is shy of women, a statement he later denied. We stand in the side of the political adviser that at least, president Buhari is not shy of the Aisha’s in his closet.
One of the Aishas, according to the president, belongs to his kitchen, the living room and the other room.
President Buhari, in his own magnanimity, appointed Aisha Alhassan as minister of women affairs and social development despite resistance by the Buharists.
At least, a governor on Friday, called himself a Buharists. Kaduna state governor Malam Nasir el-Rufai while speaking to State House Correspondent said their camp of Buharists objected the president when he nominated one of the Aishas as minister.
He said president Buhari appointment of Aisha Alhassan as Minister was part of effort to encourage women in politics.
But the women in the other room seems to be giving the Buharists a sleepless knight when it comes to discussion on the 2019 contest.
The unending quest for power, fame and prestige has made treachery to be a virtue in the hearts of many politicians.

It has made many to view politics as a game of deceit, played by treacherous men, who are there for personal gains, and for aggrandizing public wealth, with only a few driven by real ideology, beliefs and sincerity to serve.
Politics worldwide have been perceived to be dominated and controlled by the masculine gender, but it becomes more spectacular and uniquely when you see the female gender involved in it.

As it is widely believed that when you educate a woman you educate a nation, so also in politics. When you give power to a woman she transcend it and devolve it to many.

Feminist movement today have continued to advocate for more women to be involved in politics and power.
They have been propagating for affirmative actions for women in governance. They have rallied around to ensure that women are appointed, elected and nominated to serve in different capacities in government at both Local State, Federal and at the international level.

In every democratic dispensation in Nigeria, there would always be a woman within the government who will be either known for her good work’s or known for her detestable job. There will always be a woman either in the executive, legislative or judicial arm of government who everyone would have to reckon with, driven by the desire to make manifest the ideology that what a man can do, she (a woman) can do it better.
In every government their is always a woman in the other room that is always influential.
An author argued in a book of Esther that, “The best Man for the job is a Woman.” The author highlights the unique female qualities of leadership. President Buhari has indeed found himself among women who are best in their jobs.

This women, Aishas are very close to him and are so quick to spill the beans when the need arises. They are not only women whose meeting points are in the other room.

They are very educated and to a large extent, just like the Buharists, they can draw sympathy from Nigerians too.

The name Aisha, in Islam, is an important figure. She was one of Prophet Muhammad’s wives. In Islamic writings, her name is thus often prefixed by the title: “Mother of the Believers.”
Aisha had an important role in early Islamic history. Aisha is thought to be scholarly and inquisitive. She contributed to the spread of Prophet Muhammad’s message and served the Muslim community for 44 years after his death.

Aisha is also known for narrating 2210 hadiths, not just on matters related to the Prophet’s private life, but also on topics such as inheritance, pilgrimage, and eschatology. Her intellect and knowledge distinguished her.

The Aishas of today are setting the tune. For what we have now, if we must not fail to remember, it was the first lady, who first went public to say if the president do not do the needful, she won’t support him to seek reelection comes 2019.
One of the Aishas forgot that she belongs to the kitchen, the living room and the other room until the president reminded her.
She would have use the bed, and the ever romantic bed room voice to let know her grievances to her darling husband, on his ‘unpleasant’ kind of leadership of which she identified.
Nigerians are still waiting for the goddess of the other room to endear the lion king to dislodge the jackels and the hyenas.
When we thought all is well, another Aisha, a serving minister, gave the president another knock on his head politically.
Aisha openly declared her loyalty, support and love for former vice president Atiku Abubakar. She said Atiku is her godfather and political mentor and she is ready to stand with him comes 2019.

Aisha in a BBC Hausa service interview, stated categorically that if Mr president wish to contest for second time in 2019, she will kneel before him and appreciate him for allowing her to serve in his cabinet.
Aisha did not stop there.

Aisha added that she will tell president Buhari that she will rather stand with Alhaji Atiku Abubakar rather than him.

Aisha Alhassan must have been the first in president Buhari’s cabinet to go public on her views on 2019. Her action, even though commendable by some people, it is very rear in the Nigerian politics.
Even though Buharists have spring up, we must remember that there are many Aishas in president Buhari’s cabinet and government.
While they are there with him in the morning, they are against him at night. They dine and wine with his political opponents and adversaries. Civilised people in other clime will see nothing wrong with that but not in Nigeria.
Some will sleep quietly until the eleventh hour before they come out in public to oppose and denounce their support for the government they are serving on.
The views of the driver and that of the passengers are always different. Not everyone who is on board with Mr. President shares the same view with him. Indeed, 2019 will be filled with uncertainties and surprises, judging from the outburst of the women in the other room.,

Culled from Elanza News




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