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Climate Action: CALPED sets to plant 10 million trees in Kaduna

Proposes Collaboration With National Forestry Research Institute.

Dr Mrs Emeaghara, Deputy Provost (third right) flanked by the Registrar, Bursar and visitors

A multi-stakeholder project to plant 10 million economic trees in Kaduna state in the next six years is in the works towards enhancing the state’s vegetal  cover, in accordance with the renewed global campaign against climate change.

Head, Social and Enterprise Development of the Coalition of Associations for Leadership, Peace, Empowerment and Development (CALPED), Dangwa Abbas Danjuma who dropped the hint during the week in Kaduna while on a courtesy visit to the Federal College of Forestry Mechanization, explained: “The Coalition is interested in driving a multi-stakeholder project to plant 10 million economic trees in Kaduna State on or before the end of the year 2025, this is towards re-greening Kaduna. We desire to do so across local governments in the state to empower citizens to take action against deforestation through community based groups with a sustainability plan to develop a robust value chain to improve livelihoods.”

While appreciating the approval of the visit, Dangwa reiterated that as a federal institution of repute in the North West of Nigeria, “we are pleased to collaborate with you to tackle the challenge of climate change together with the larger global community.”

Earlier, the Provost of the College, Dr Usman Bello Mohammed, who was ably represented by the Deputy Provost, Dr Ursula Ukamaka Emeaghara, “welcomed the plan to plant 10 million trees in the next six years in the state especially as the action is driven by non state actors like your organization. Some of the resourcefulness of this institution which is hinged on the mandate of the Forestry Research Institute of Nigeria with us and six other colleges, forestry, farm mechanization, biodiversity, livestock production have credible research to rely upon in enhancing the emergence of environment friendly communities.”

The National Forestry Research Institute with its headquarters in Ibadan oversees the affairs of seven colleges. In our college we have capacity to nurse about 2.5 million quality seedlings at different intervals and our mandate is line with the purpose of your visit. I assure you that the management will look keenly into your request and provide favourable feedback.”, Dr. Emeaghara remarked.

 Present at the epoch-making visit, were the Registrar and Bursar of the College, Mrs Temitope Christiana Oniye and Mrs Sefinat Igugu respectively- both of whom called on the authorities, stakeholders and the citizenry to join in the  campaign against climate change



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