Communique at the Monthly Forum with Media on Peace Journalism 29th April, 2021

The participants in their overview within the month of April 2021 from the angles of the Media and the Community Peace Action Network, they expressed dismayed over the worsen kidnapping in the country, especially as the kidnappers resort to killings of the victims over the delay of paying ransom by either the government or parents.

They called for more action from the government, especially through massive recruitment recognized civilian joint task force like the hunters who will assist the security in the fight against insecurity in the country.

The forum urged some State governor’s and other public figures to stop utterances that can easily provoke the kidnappers to maltreat or even killed their victims in their captivity.

They lamented over the proliferation of small and light arms in the hands of civilians as well as, decried over farmers/pastoralists clashes, especially in Benue state and other part of the country.

On the issue concerning the Minister of Communication and Digital Economy Dr. Isa Pantami, the Forum called on Nigerians not to use it as a religious and political undertone to escalate tension in the country, but to allow due process on the matter.

According to the Forum, unemployment in the country has led to many being recruited most especially among the youth that take active role to perpetrate heinous crime.

The Forum observed that if nothing is done about insecurity, Nigeria will be turned into IDPs camps considering the high increased of more Widows and Orphans.

They further appealed for government across the country to help address students and pupils to be given psycho-socio counseling, so as to help address the challenges of the experience faced during their various predicaments.

They plead with the government at both State and national level on the need of providing them with better military and modern equipments so as to drastically continue to fight against the insurgency and banditry in the country.

They describe the information received on the increased in tuition fees in some of the higher Institution, particularly in Kaduna State as a threat to western education and urged the State government to have a re-think considering the fact, that failure to do that the state will have a setback on our educational enrollment.

They noted that women play vital role in promoting peaceful coexistence and unity at the family and community levels.

The event which usually organized by the Interfaith Mediation Centre (IMC) on the Community Initiatives to Promote Peace (CIPP) had Interfaith Mediation Centre (IMC) Coordinators from Kogi, Plateau, Kano, Katsina, Benue under the CIPP program in attendance.


Pastor Dr. James Movel Wuye & Imam Dr. Muhammad Nurayn Ashafa
Co-executive Directors

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