COVID-19: All Schools To Remain Closed -Kaduna State Govt

Nasir el-Rufai

Kaduna State government says all schools should remain closed excluding Kaduna Polytechnic and the National Open University who requested for them to open for students to write exam only.

The permanent Secretary, Ministry of education, Mrs Phoebe Sukai Yayi announced this at a news briefing in Kaduna.

She said the state government was yet to decide the exact date when schools will be open.

The Perm Sec said it became necessary to address journalist to clear the air on the date of resumption to schools.

“W know that, the federal government stated that schools can resume on Monday the 18 of January 2021 following the closure of schools last year due to the second wave of the Covid 19 increased cases”

“The situation was different in Kaduna State, as we have the second wave, we also had increases in the number of the COVID-19 cases that are coming up”

“In Kaduna State, we have our own peculiar situation, before now, we had the news through the Social Media that, Kaduna State government had declared 18 January 2021 to be the resumption date which we disclaimed.

“We want to make it categorical clear that, Kaduna State government is yet to fix a date for resumption to schools.

“In as much as the federal government has declared 18 January as date for resumption Kaduna State is yet to declare a date for resumption”

She pointed out that, government was till monitoring the situation and promised to make pronouncement regarding that in due course.

Phoebe Yayi maintained that, on Monday 18 January, 2021, the ministry of education, would hold stakeholders meeting on education in the state, also the state ministry of health would brief them on the Covid 19 cases with a view to take position on how to advice government.

According to the Permanent Secretary, the only exception they have for now, is the National Open University of Nigeria and Kaduna Polytechnic who have specifically requested for them to open for students to write semester examination only.

She further revealed that, they have inspected the school premises, confirmed their preparedness and satisfied with all the protocols put in place and giving them approval to open for exams only.

Mrs Yayi also requested the state anf federal Institutions in Kaduna State to place a hold on their activities until government come up with clear date for resumption.

“For Ahmadu Bello University Zaria, we are yet to receive any communication from them, so as far as we knew, ABU Zaria is till closed until we receive directive from Kaduna State government”

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