“Dear Woman”

Today, as always-
A beam of light shines upon our world,
Reminding us that-
Even the world is a “she”.
Today, we remember-
James Brown’s words, as he sings-
“It is a man’s world, but it will be nothing without a woman or a girl”.
Today, we remember the keepers-
Of the “Gate-Way” of mankind.
Today, we remember your unspoken sacrifices and,
Undiluted strength;
Today, we celebrate the ones-
Who are synonymous to compassion,
Serving as ensign, to remind us that-
Above exploits, above machines,
Above advancements in technology and ideologies,
Our world needs “compassion”;
Oh what a day!
We remember you not only for today;
That can never be enough!
So, with every inch of fibre that makes up the universe-
We celebrate you!
Happy International Women’s Day!

-Ziniyet Godwin Hilary

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