Edo PDP to Adams Oshiomhole… “Shut up and face your obvious Challenges”

Adams Oshiomhole

December 8, 2019

Re: “PDP members who could give us a fight in Edo are dead”

Adams Oshiomhole

… We have what it takes to put APC to sleep in EDO state.

In his usual garrulous and uncouth manner, Adams Oshiomhole in his attempt to divert attention from his many challenges and failures as National Chairman of APC, remarked that PDP members that could challenge his factionalized, suspension riddled  “tatatata” political party were dead!

No doubt we are a strong and viable party with an effective and efficient structure and leadership unlike the one that has torn his party apart as a result of his meddlesomeness, tactlessness and cluelessness.

Adams Oshiomhole should be reminded that as National Chairman of the ruling party both at the state and federal level, he lost EDO state woefully to PDP in last Presidential election as PDP gathered the majority of the votes cast in the state therefore winning two out of the 3 senators.

Edo people have not forgotten how Adams Oshiomhole left a prostrate financial legacy of debts and empty treasury as he was handing over in 2016. Even his successor has threatened to expose and probe his tenure better described as a cesspool of corruption!

Adams Oshiomhole and his party have nothing to campaign with in Edo State. Is it the fight over control of state treasury, the gale of suspensions, the disrespect to the State House of Assembly and the constituents or the unfulfilled promises? Adams Oshiomhole is hereby adviced that Tatatata is not an election winning strategy!

I declare that EDO APC cannot win an election in EDO again. 

Edo people are tired of APC deceit and failure.

In PDP we prepare for elections by campaigning, mobilizing and sensitizing electorates to support and vote for our candidates.

PDP…Making Edo People Matter!


Chris Osa Nehikhare

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