Edo Speaker, Rt. Hon. Frank Okiye, was duly invited for meeting with President Buhari

…. Remains an active member of the Speakers Forum

The Speaker of Edo State House of Assembly, Rt. Hon. Frank Okiye, is well recognised by the Conference of Speakers Forum and reports that he is excluded from the activities of the Forum, especially the recent meeting with President Muhammadu Buhari, should be disregarded.

The Speaker has just been presented with the Edo State’s 2020 Budget and has been busy coordinating the defense of the budget by various ministries. He has also been attending to other state functions that require legislative insight. In this light, it was quite difficult to alter his programme for the recent meeting with the President in Abuja, given a very tight schedule. He got an invite, was part of the agenda and has been active in the Conference of Speakers Forum.

Recall that some Speakers from other State Houses of Assembly were at the Honourable Speaker’s Thanksgiving Service held in Uromi about two weeks ago, while others sent representatives.

Hon. Okiye could not have been barred for any reason. Students of history will recall that there is a subsisting judgement that has recognised and acknowledged the proclamation that produced Rt. Hon. Okiye as Speaker.

Rt Hon. Okiye has demonstrated capacity to pilot the House and has passed many bills into law and several motions. The Edo State House of Assembly has performed its statutory roles in deepening governance in Edo State, with the routine confirmation of commissioners and members of boards and commissions appointed by the Executive arm of government in the state.

Anyone spreading false rumours about the relationship between the Speaker, Rt. Hon. Okiye and the Conference of Speakers Forum is trading in falsehoods and should be ignored. The Speaker was duly carried along and was invited for the meeting with the President. Any other information to the contrary should be disregarded.

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