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el-Rufai’s Muslim Muslim Ticket In Kaduna Divisive, Manipulative-Shehu Sani

The Senator representing Kaduna Central, Senator Shehu Sani has accused governor Nasir el-Rufai of introducing religion manipulation in the political realm of Kaduna State.
The Senator stated this during his flagging-off his reelection campaihn bid under the platform of Peoples Redemption Party (PRP) at the official resident of its national leader, Dr. Balarabe Musa in Tuesday.
According to him, “Kaduna State has become a hub of kidnappings, religious intolerance and of death. The Governor has proven beyond reasonable doubt he cannot protect the lives of Kaduna citizens.”
“el-Rufai recently introduce religion manipulation in the politics of Kaduna State, Kaduna is a multi a ethnic and multi religion State.
“Muslims and Christians live in peace and will continue to live in peace. We will not accept any attempt to marginalize the Christians, we as Muslims will not accept it,” Shehu Sani reiterated.
The Senator further said “Kaduna need a representation that is just, fair and equitable to all the people of Kaduna State. We don’t need a government that will turn a blind eye to our suffering and hardship.”
“The Man who has sent thousands of teachers, workers out of their jobs. Look at Kaduna it has become a shadow of itself. I will continue to be the voice of the people at the Senate, to present bills and motions that will defend and project peoples interest. I will represent the people in the realm of national politics,” he added.
He disclosed that, “I am here to formally declared my intention to bid for the Senate in the upcoming 2019 general elections.”
He caution the people of Kaduna Central to be wary of the antics of the Government to use the military, and the Police to intimidate them and use resources to buy their conscience.
“But demonstrate to them that you are not commodity and you are not for sale. They call you opposition party bureau the change while they are stock exchange,” Shehu Sani warned.
He called on the people of Kaduna Central to support the PRP to clinic the seat of the Senate in the general elections.
“2019 is a decisive year, the choice between good and bad, the choice between the future and the past and the choice between Egypt and the promise Land.
“I urged everyone of you not to be discourage by the mighty posturing of the APC, i urged both Muslims and Christians to vote for PRP in the interest of Kaduna,” Shehu Sani appealed.
He however thank Balarebe Musa for being a mentor and being a spirit and for giving him the opportunity vie for the position of the Senate in the upcoming 2019 general elections


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