I specifically thank you all for your direct and indirect contributions to the leadership crisis in Edo central. A leadership crisis that made and making our Edo central’s political marginalization in Edo state more visible and possible for our oppressors. A failed leadership scenario where Esan great politicians are blackmailing one another publicly. Thank you all.

Special thanks to Iruekpen community in Ekpoma who played matured politics that other disciplined senatorial districts are playing in Nigera. Today, they have it all via bi-partisan politics for their indigenes. Kudos to them all.

I thank the 98% of the Esan youths that their respective social media posts and comments illuminate sycophancy and blind loyalty to one godfather to another so that the godfathers’ house gates open for them 24 hours a day otherwise, they will be tagged a “rebel or not in our camp”. Clap for yourself !!!

Edo APC’s crisis came at a time when Esan Agenda 2024 would have gained momentum in our respective pursuits with the 2020 party’s aspirants/candidates but here we are today, blind followership enveloped majority of our Esan youths especially on social media. They resulted to lies against fellow party members in one godfather’s house to another in order to get stipends and factional appointments and recognitions. Thank you very much.

Something I want to ask sacredly; who are you in this political crisis in Edo state? Who is really guilty among these principals? Are you really pursuing genuine objectives for Esan development in your supports or you are doing so for your personal political survival in your ward? Between Governor Obaseki and former Governor Oshiomhole, who really managed this crisis wisely in your own evaluation? What errors have you visualized so far?

You know what? I weep for our unstable Esan youths that love to accumulate enemies instead of more good relationships. I weep that most youths failed to realize that these political leaders are fighting a just war for themselves and the obvious desperation for political survival are ruining our Esan agenda 2024 greatly except if our Edo central political leaders retreat wisely and collectively agree to talk with one voice during and at the 2020 governorship election in Edo state, else, the theory of numbers as often said by leaders from the majority wards in Edo state would play out accordingly.

Don’t join war you know nothing about blindly as the surface might be different from the inside story. Scapegoats are the unstable youths and betrayals at the end.

Join the political war wisely if you can’t preach peace like us who joined politics because of my passion for UROHI DEVELOPMENT which is my birthplace. I hate politics of bitterness and can never be part of my political ideologies. I love peace and peace is in me by God’s Grace.

Let peace reigns so that development comes !!!

Prince Kelly O. Udebhulu.
( APC Member)

Culled from Radio Esan News

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