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…It was a terrible experience I ever had as a lady, I almost died.

I attended a casual event and was driving back home all alone from Ibadan to Lagos on the express road, I ran into a little pot hole and as I matched the brake suddenly the engine switched off so I managed to pull off the road to see what went wrong. The first thing I checked was my tyre, to be sure that it was not busted by the pot hole but it was perfectly intact, I took a breath of joy and after looking at all other tyres I jumped into my car to continue my journey but it was a sad news as the car refused to start. Fear got all over me because it was already dark and the time was past 9pm at that time. I tried so many times but noticed that the battery light was not bright at all so I was sure my battery had a problem. I was happy at the time that I had a jump cable so I opened the trunk of my car, brought out my jump start cables to wave down for help walking up and down all alone by the roadside but nobody stopped to help, I was wondering if they all thought I was a prey for robbery or they were just very wicked to help a lady in a dear need at that time of the night. I was there for barely 45 minutes when I saw 3 huge tall men walking out of a dark and lonely path off the road and heading in my direction.

The voice was so loud and bass-full from a far “what are you doing here all alone” was the last thing I heard and I passed out because of fear.

They revived me by emptying all the bottle water in my car on my head but I woke up speechless, begging them not to hurt me but they can take everything including the car but should please let me go.
I guess they saw the jump start cable in my hand and one of them knew it was a failed battery problem that kept me on that road all alone.

I didn’t know that they had a breakdown on the other side of the road too and was waiting for a towing vehicle that they already requested from an App called BOTA.

I was so lucky that they had what could have saved my live and get me back on the road in less than 5 minutes if I had one of such gadget, so they all echoed simultaneously “The portable battery Jump starter” and one of them rushed to their car to bring what I can call “small but mighty” a device about 20 times smaller than my car battery but can start my car more than 30 times when fully charged.

So they plugged it to my car battery terminals and my car started at one attempt. I was like Oh My God. I could have been rubbed, molested or even raped by multiple men if these guys were the bad guys as I earlier thought just because I didn’t have a small gadget that every car owner must have in their car at all time to prevent a sorry situation like mine.

Car Starting Trouble? Dealing with Battery Problems
A car that refuses to start when you need it is frustrating. It’s worse if this happens when you are away from home. A bad or discharged battery is the most common cause of starting troubles and it’s important to know how to recover from a battery problem.

There are two types of battery problems. One is a battery that’s otherwise healthy but has been discharged to a point where it cannot start the car. This is a temporary issue and things should be fine once the battery is fully charged. The other possibility is that your battery is dead or close to death. This will need a battery replacement.

Life Expectancy of Car Battery
The life of your battery depends on its quality and usage conditions. If your car is used several times a week and the electrical system is in good condition, you can expect a good-quality battery to last for about four to five years. If your car is sparingly used, a battery replacement every three years is the norm. Some premium batteries may give a couple of years more.

Symptoms Of A Dying Battery
Batteries can die suddenly, but in most cases, you will get some advance warning. The starting problem is the main symptom. When you try to start, the engine cranks weakly, but the car won’t start. You have to try multiple times before you manage to start.
Initially, the problem could be intermittent, but with time, it gets worse. Starting becomes a struggle every time. Batteries underperform at low temperatures. Some difficulty while starting in icy weather is not abnormal. But, if you face intermittent starting trouble and you can’t think of any logical reason, get it checked before the battery fails completely.

How Can A Good Battery Get Discharged?
Even a healthy battery cannot start your car if it is discharged and there are several situations where this can happen.

  1. If you don’t use your car for several weeks, the battery will gradually get drained.
  2. If you accidentally leave your headlights, radio, fan or some other power-hungry accessory on, it will drain your battery in a few hours.
  3. Your battery can lose charge if there is a fault in the charging system.

Solving a Battery Problem

If your battery is dying, get it checked as soon as possible. If there are no other issues, a battery replacement will solve the problem. Doing this in time will save you the inconvenience of getting stranded.
If your battery is healthy but has got completely discharged, the best thing to do is to get it fully charged at a garage or battery service outlet. This is the best option if you are not in a hurry to use the car. You can also charge the battery at home if you have a compatible charger.

If you face repeated battery discharges for no apparent reason, get your car checked at a good garage. The problem could be with the charging system or there could be an electrical drain, which must be fixed.
When you have a dead or discharged battery and you want to get mobile immediately, there are two ways to do it. The first option is available only if you have a car with a manual transmission. You can push start a manual vehicle if you are able to find some people to help you. The other option is to jump-start your car using a portable battery jump starter.

Every car owner or mechanic will need one of these to save life and property.
Take one now at bota.ng/jumpstarter

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