Ambrose Bernard Gowong

Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC) today issued a 7day ultimatum to popular Nigeria musician Falz to withdraw his new video “This is Nigeria” and apologize to Nigerians or face legal action. According to the group the video shows disrespect to Muslim women by portraying women in hijab dancing “shaku-shaku”. It also frowns at the negative portrayal of Fulanis in the said video.

The group warns that “Such depictions were capable of causing religious crisis of unprecedented dimension.”

Wow, having watched the said video, going by the claims of MURIC the following group of people by my judgement should also drag Falz to court.

1. CAN, The video also depicts some supposedly or morally wrong activities of some Pastors/ Men of God. By this too CAN should be asking for the head of Falzs in court.

2. Feminine based rights group especially those with biased for girl-child should also call for the head of Falzs for portraying girls in an immoral manner, as the video portray young girls in their bikinis dancing while ‘Yahoo boys’ spray them with money.

3. The IGP should also send his boys for the immediate arrest of Falzs for the activities of SARS and for reproducing the now famous “Transmission” gaffe.

4. I would want to know from MURIC, is hijab a symbol of religion? Or what is there in the girls dancing with hijab to suggest they are Muslim?

The song and video in general portray so many social ills currently bedevilling the country. It is reminiscent of Eedris Abdulkareem “Nigeria Jaga-Jaga”. But for MURIC to pick it up from the point of religion and ethnicity and threatening brimstone and fire, it clearly shows our level of non receptive to other people’s right as religious bodies. And to think that the threat was issued by a Professor (Ishaq Akintola) on behalf of MURIC, who by his level of education and supposedly exposure ought to know what secularity is and music as an instrument of Social change and cohesion, to say the least is appalling.

In anycase I would love to see a situation were Falzs will dare MURIC by refusing to heed to their thread and let’s see where this will lead to. As a son to famous human rights activist Femi Falana, the covering fire from the legal battle field will be epic. Who knows this may be the beginning or the end of chauvinistic activities.

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