Ganduje Bribe Videos Doctored, Group Says

By KATO P. LADAN, Kaduna
A group, National Association of Progressive Minded Nigerians (NAPMIN) has condemned the smearing of the image of the Kano State Governor, Abdullahi Umar Ganduje through what it described as a doctored video.
The group expressed this in a statement jointly signed by Dr Charles Chima (National President), Haj. Fatima Mohammad Sani (Secretary) and  Prof. Samaila Adiku (Publicity Secretary.).
“We wish to join other well meaning Nigerians to condemn the on going smear campaign against the person of His Excellency Governor Abdullah Ganduje of Kano state, through a doctored and disjointed video.
“When we saw the purported video showing the governor allegedly receiving money from unknown persons, we engaged the services of experts to watch, scrutinize and analyze the videos. After days of scrutiny, the report we received from the experts was that the said video is nothing but a doctored material that was made for the purpose of tarnishing  the image of Gov. Abdullahi Ganduje.
“It is very unfortunate that people can go to this length just to damage the image of another person. It is evidently clear that the said video is the handiwork of political enemies who are not comfortable with the giant strides Gov Ganduje is making,” it stated.
The group in the statement titled,  ‘WE CONDEMN THE SMEAR CAMPAIGN AGAINST GOV. ABDULLAHI GANDUJE’ they described those behind it as political detractors.
” These political detractors are being paranoid. As a result, they are panicky and therefore resorting to all forms of evil deeds just to bring down the indefatigable Governor.
“As progressive minded people, we are duty bound to make sure that these people who want to be a clog in the progressive wheel of Kano state do not succeed. We must ensure that our people are well sensitized and enlightened so as to easily identify these enemies of progress when ever they come up with their dastardly acts of mischief.
“Consequently, we call on the good people of Kano state and Nigerians at-large to disregard the said video and continue lending their support to Gov Abdullah Ganduje. They should not allow detractors have their way,” it pointed out.
They called on the Governor to remain focused and undeterred as he continues to add value to the lives of his people.
“He should not succumb to any form of smear campaign and cheap blackmail. All those trying to malign him shall be put to shame in sha Allah,” it concluded
Source – Authentic News

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