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Groups accuses American Gov of trying to dampen Nigerian Army Morale

The National President of the Patriotic Elders Forum For Peace group, Bature AbdulAziz, , has accused the American government of serially trying to dampen the morale of the Nigerian military in their fight against insurgency and other criminalities in the nation and this was not the first time America is coming with heavy allegations against the military but which could not be justified.

The elders worried that accusing the military unjustifiably of mass killings of 60 children, without cogent evidence by Americans was yet another means to slow down the victories the Nigerian Army is recording in their effort to keep Nigeria safe.

Bature AbdulAziz, added that, Nigerian Armed Forces are governed through compliance to rules and regulations and they are today winning the war to keep Nigeria safe, but America barely shows any gratitude or encouragement to them to boost their confidence and morale, only promoting propaganda for their selfish agendas,

He said that Nigerian leaders and armed forces should not bother commenting on these allegations, as it is the Patriotic Elders Network for Peace and Justice in Nigeria’s duty to respond to these kinds of unwarranted allegations.

He went on to say that Nigeria offends them due to its incredible footmark in Africa, and the efforts to unite the continent to stand on their feet.

The Elders remarked that this carefully staged propaganda are often used against middle eastern countries to manipulate and threaten them in exchange for their oil to drastically decrease the price to 30-40 dollars per barrel.

AbdulAziz further urged the Nigerian military to disregard the allegations against them and continue fighting the criminals and criminalities until Nigeria and Nigerians are safe wherever they are. DAILY

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