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I Don ’ t Need To Consult Any Aspirants – Ortom

But Ortom dismissed the aspirants, saying he did not need to consult them before joining the PDP .
He also said that he would declare his party preference before the end of this week .
The governor , who spoke on Monday through his Special Adviser on Media and the Information and Communication Techology, Tahav Agerzua, noted that he had yet to declare his next political move.
The special adviser asked , “Must the governor seek their permission before joining the PDP ? And l don ’ t think the governor has announced that he is going into the PDP , I don ’ t think .
“When the appropriate time comes, such an issue would be addressed .
As for now, he is saying that the national leadership of the APC called him to a meeting on Thursday in Abuja and that he would make his final announcement after the meeting on Thursday .
“So , l don ’ t know where those people got their information from , but the issue of party is an issue of interest . Maybe the aspirants feel that their interest is threatened , but surely l don ’ t think they have the controlling powers of the structure of the PDP .
“Maybe, if you talk about the PDP , l know prominent people within the PDP that have asked Ortom to come to the party . So , if you juxtapose the position , you will know where and who have more powers to admit or keep Ortom out.”



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