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IGBO QUIT NOTICE: Igbo Leaders In North Meet With Arewa Youths Coalition

The Arewa Youths Coalition, led by Shettima Yerima met with the leaders of all Igbos in the 19 state of the North and Abuja over the October quit notice.

The meeting which was convened by one Comrade Isa Tijjani saw all the  Igbo President in the States of the North, led by Chief Chi Nwogwu  the President General of Igbo Delegates Assembly and their Igwes led by Eze Boniface Ibekwe in attendance. 

The Igbos  were accompanied to the meeting by the Yoruba and South South Leaders in Northern Nigeria, Dr Jimpat Ayalambe and Mr. Fred Akhigbe.

The convener of the meeting, Alhaji Isa Tijjani a renown labour leader said the reason for the meeting was to bring the two groups together to discuss the issue of the quit notice with the intention of resolving the issue.

After tabling the issue, Shettima Yerima, leader of the Arewa Youths Coalition who had given the Igbo’s in the North quit notice opened the discussion by informing the Igbos that his group did not call for this meeting but they had to attend because they believe in peace.

He narrated his group’s grievances to the Igbo’s, adding that their actions were born out of their love for one Nigerian

“We want the unity of this country that was why we decided to honour this meeting. It is our believe that at the end of the meeting we will understand each other.

” Talking about the quit notice, we hat to take that stand because our leaders are being insulted and we are been threatened for no just cause and you the leaders of Southeast are not saying anything.

“Not until recently, the Southeast Governors, the Ohaneze and leaders of thought decided to dissociate themselves with IPOB, and Nnamdi Kanu’s activities. Now we are meeting with you to reexamine the whole issues because we have lived with you for a very long period in peace. The not is very receptive and accommodating that is why many of you established your empire here,” he said.

In his response, the leader of the Igbo Delegate Assembly, Chief Chief Nwogu said the Igbos  are peace loving people who have never supported evil anywhere.

He reminded the leader of the Arewa Youth Coalition that the country belong to every Nigerian and that the Hausas  are also in the Eastern Nigeria.

“We were invited to a meeting with you over your quit notice to us. Let me advise this gathering to be sincere in whatever we are going to discuss here. We must understand ourselves to achieve peace at the end of this meeting,” he said

After taking comments from both sides, the two groups agreed to narrow the meeting to committee level of 10 men made up five from each sides.

The committee is expected to deliberate on the issues at stake and agree  then come up with communiqué within 72 hours



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