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ISMNC Pledges To Assist Ministry Of Health, Social Welfare.

The leadership of the Institute of Strategic  Management of Nigeria Chartered  (ISMNC) paid a courtesy visit to Mrs. Kachollom Daju, mni, Permanent Secretary of Federal Ministry of Health and Social Welfare, where they pledged to assist the ministry in areas of need.

The  ISMNC team  led by, Mr. Alex Ndudi Enebeli, FSM, the President and Chairman – in- Council, appreciated the Permanent Secretary for her warm reception and reiterated the institute’s commitment to supporting and assisting the Federal Ministry of Health and Social Welfare in achieving its intended goal and objectives.
“I am really happy to be here today with my colleagues, representing the Institute of Strategic Management of Nigeria Chartered (ISMNC) to discuss a matter of utmost importance: the enhancement of capacity within the Federal Ministry of Health and Social Welfare”

Mr  Alex Ndudi Enebeli acknowledged that the health sector stands as a beacon of hope, resilience, and service to our nation. “It is incumbent upon us to ensure that our healthcare system is not only robust but also equipped with the necessary skills and expertise to meet the evolving challenges of our time.
“The partnership we propose today is not merely collaboration between two entities; it is a commitment to excellence, innovation, and the well-being of our citizens. ISMNC, as a leading institution dedicated to the advancement of strategic management practices, understands the critical role that capacity building plays in driving organizational growth and effectiveness”.

The Institute’s President and Chairman- in- Council assured the Permanent Secretary of robust knowledge base within the institute and the readiness to assist the ministry in the identified areas of need.

In her response, Mrs Kachollom Daju, mni, FSM, Permanent Secretary, Federal Ministry of Health and Social Welfare, expressed gratitude to the leadership of ISMNC for their visit and support.
” I am highly elated for this historic visit, being a fellow of the institute, i am still found worthy to enjoy this gesture from the Institute,”  she said.

She emphasised the importance of strategic management in the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare and in the Public sector at large.

Mrs Daju acknowledged the role of the two organisations in promoting professionalism and best practices in policies making and implementation in the ministry.

She assured the team of the maximum support on the proposed partnership and collaborations majorly on area of capacity building to enhancing quality service delivery.

Mr Alex Ndudi Enebeli on behalf of the Institute expresses profound gratitude to the Permanent Secretary for her leadership, and unwavering commitment to the health and well-being of our nation.
“Let us seize this moment to forge a partnership that will not only transform the Federal Ministry of Health and Social Welfare, but also elevate the standard of healthcare delivery across Nigeria.”

The courtesy visit was attended by Jummai Umar- Ajijola, FSM, Chair, Board of Fellows and Mr Obitunde Obiyemi, Registrar and CEO.



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