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Joy as son presumed dead and buried returns home to his family (video, photos)

By Simbiat Ayoola

A Kenyan family is griped with shock and joy as their ‘dead and buried’ son, Vincent Oguyi returns home to them.

Oyugi, who lives in a rented house in the outskirts of Narok Town, was believed to have died in an accident last August. It was believed that he was inside a pick-up delivering vegetables to a local market when the vehicle veered off the road and killed three people working on a nearby farm.

According to Daily Nation, the news of his death sparked off funeral arrangements, which resulted into the collection and burial of a body thought to be Oyugi’s on Sunday, December 4, 2016.

His mother explained that an autopsy and identification of the body was done at the Narok County Hospital before they were granted permission to take it for burial.

She further added that, no DNA tests were done because of the damage done to the remains. She said: “The body was in bad shape and we were convinced that it belonged to my son, so we proceeded to make burial arrangements, upon which we buried him on 4th December last year.”

But on Tuesday, January 3, the man who was presumed dead walked into his family compound in, Masaba South Sub-County, Kisii County.

He explained that he had jumped out of the vehicle before it veered off the road. He said: “It is true I was in the vehicle but I jumped out shortly before it rolled, I got a scratch but walked away shocked and did not come back to the scene.”

He added that he had all the while been at his residence in Narok and was not aware that his family was looking for him.

The family members could not come to terms with the miracle as they began to check his body for familiar signs to confirm he was really there. Oyugi’s uncles, Mose Ombeche and Samuel Ombogo, said the news of the resurrection had seriously surprised them.

Ombogo also said tradition demands that a resurrected man should be cleansed before allowing him into the house. “In such circumstances, he would not be allowed home until certain rites are conducted, we will have to first buy a white male chicken or white goat. They will be killed and eaten by the family to cleanse him. When the body that is buried here is exhumed, we will put the innards of the white goat into the grave to cleanse the family.” 

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