Kaduna Massacre: Gov. el-Rufai’s evil Seed?

By Nasiru Jagaba

Sad times are upon us. The power mongers have succeeded in setting us against each other to achieve their inordinate but unpopular ambitions. This is a clear justification of the revelation of an agenda to use breakdown of Law and order as an excuse to isolate Kaduna, Plateau, Benue and Taraba from the 2019 general elections.
The break down of law and order in Kaduna State started with the bloodlettings and the kidnapping of a paramount ruler around Kasuwan Magani of Kajuru Local Government, Kaduna State. The unfortunate dastardly event claimed over 100 lives and left many victims still suffering with various degree of injuries inflicted upon them.
Mutual suspicion and religious intolerance have become the evil seed that has produced destructive fruits, of which even the planters themselves cannot fathom the enormity of its negative impact.

Since 2015, several violent episodes have left thousands of innocent people dead or maimed with no single arrest, not forgetting several properties destroyed. People can no longer access their farms, as farmers only farm their backyards due to insecurity. This ongoing carnage is due to the ineffective response and management of the issues by those charged by the Constitution to do so.
It is on record that Agwom Adara is still held hostage by armed gunmen, who took him with his wife away and left behind scores of lifeless bodies with blood dripping out on a Federal highway. The traditional leader found himself in the difficult situation after heeding to a call from Kashim Ibrahim House to meet with the governor.
A good host should have had the courtesy of providing adequate security for his guest knowing the volatile nature of where he is returning; considering the fact that it was the host that extended the invitation to the guest at a tensed and dangerous time.

The government of Kaduna State should take up responsibility for all the killings and the break down of law and order in Kaduna State.
As the Chief Security officer of Kaduna State, Governor Nasiru El-rufai has failed to exercise due deligence to prevent such killings or to ensure proper investigation in an objective manner and punish the culprits regardless of ethno-religious identity. The absence of Justice due to the open bias of the governor, which has led to loss of confidence in the appropriate institutions/authorities constitutionally mandate to resolve such conflict, has pushed the people to resort to self-help.

We suspect that it is the grand design of a government that has fast lost it’s popularity to isolate Kaduna State from the 2019 general election so as to use terror and fear as political machineries to hijack and manipulate their way to victory come 2019 general election. This in their thinking will create the enabling environment for the deployment of more than necessary security personnel, which will surely intimidate the voters, to win the elections, just like in the case of the elections in Ekiti and Osun States.
Regardless of the Ethno-religious differences that has penetrated deep into the fabric of our society, it is high time we the Nigerian masses stop being use with religious tools and nonchalant style and start believing that we are under siege by those who want to hold on to power even after they have over stayed their welcome in the government House.
It is time that residents of Kaduna and the Nigerian masses as a whole stand in unity and exercise their constitutional rights and vote for leaders with vision and compassion come 2019.

General comment No. 3 on the African Charter on Human and Peoples Rights: The Right to Life (Article 4) imposes on states the responsibility to prevent arbitrary deprivation of life caused by its own agents, and to protect individuals and groups from such deprivation at the hands of others. It also imposes a responsibility to investigate any killings that take place, and to hold perpetrators accountable.
The failure of the State to transparently take all the necessary measures to investigate suspicious killings by state agents by identifying and holding accountable individuals or groups responsible for such violation of the right to life constitutes in itself a violation by the State of that right according to the Charter. By this, in sane climes, where democracy is working, Governor El-Rufai should have been pressured to resign because he has failed in his primary responsiblity to show the political will by applying all available legal framework to respect, protect, promote and fulfill the right to life of residents of Kaduna state.
His resignation will not be sufficient but the Governor of Kaduna, Mallam Nasir El-Rufai must come to terms with the fact that the administration of security in Kaduna State under his watch has destroyed free enterprise, social harmony, monumental loss of lives and severe underdevelopment. It is irresponsible to play politics with the lives of free men, women and children. Kaduna deserves better.

My heart bleeds for the deceased, their dreams, ideals, families and community. All those who have suffered broken bones, burns and injuries; we will never stop praying for your quickest recovery. As this incidence is regrettable let those who are in the position to protect the lives of citizens as undertaken under Oath know that in due time they will give account.There is clearly need for emergency followed by proactive responses to become more expanded towards health, search and rescue of countless travellers who may have been eloped into unfamiliar grounds and other victims who are being held hostage for ransoms.
The peace of Kaduna State lies in the lips and hands of every citizen and with sincere hearts let’s put Kaduna back to its pride of place.
Even gold and diamond undergo extreme heet and pain to become the precious metal and stone that they are.

Peace upon Kaduna State!

By Nasir Jagaba, Network for the Rights of Indigenous and Marginalized People in Nigeria.




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