KADUNA OPEN DAY – My Experience In This COVID-19 Season

…The Dairy Of A Journalist

By Josiah Otache

Since the beginning of the lock down in kaduna, I have not gone out and can only speak or write about what happens in my immediate environment.

I have had the opportunity to educate some people who may not be taking the COVID-19 seriously or out-rightly refuse to believe it.

My greatest fear has been the our level of faith that it can never happen to me so, no worries. Coupled with our government which is another pandemic on its own.

If COVID-19 ever breaks out in our communities it is going to be terrible. When I heard some stories of cases in Places like Mando, which I have not personally confirmed, my mind quickly goes to the 2 days every week that the Kaduna state government has set aside for people to restock on food supply which I will refer to as KADUNA OPEN DAY . Then I go into panic mode.

Today is another open day and I went out for the first time.
From the crowd at the various bus stops, banks to the central market. No one observing the social distancing, and carrying out business as if all is well. People who have no business being around those places coming to socialize, people who want to do their businesses, impatiently pushing on each other exchanging sweat, breath and currency without proper protection.

Then I remembered the video I watched about what is happening in Ecuador and my fear goes ballistic.
Call me a pessimist, but I am an advocate of prevention being better than cure.

Nigerians, we must take responsibility because if it goes wrong, the government cannot help you, as is evident in the recent distribution of palliative the government recently disbursed. We have no where to go and no one to run.

Below is the Ecuadorian video.
Warning : Graphic content.


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