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Kaduna State 3rd Quarter Budget Performance Report: What You Need Know

Commendably, the Kaduna State government has remained consistent in publishing its quarterly budget performance report. As at October (year-to-date), total expenditure performance was 40.6% – that is out of the N376.5 billion budget only N152.8 billion was spent. Disturbingly, this is far below the 75% performance benchmark expected by the 3rd quarter.

More worrisome is that year-to-date capital expenditure had a 33.4% performance, with only N79.1 billion said to be expended, and only N6.1 billion in the 3rd quarter, out of the total budget of N236.7 billion. On the other hand, recurrent expenditure had a better year-to-date performance of 52.8%. That is out of a budget of N139.8 billion, about N73.8 billion was expected on recurrent cost.

Similarly, total revenue (including OB) also performed below expectation with 43.9% performance. The breakdown shows opening balance, recurrent revenue and other receipts had performances of 18.1%, 63.9% and 26.6% respectively. Further breakdown shows that Government Share of FAAC, Independent Revenue, Aid and Grants as well as Capital Development Fund (CFR) Receipts had 82.9%, 44.0%, 27.0% and 26.4% performances respectively.

In addition, tax revenue, non-tax revenue, grants, international loans/borrowings and gains on foreign exchange had 85.2%, 16.8%, 27.0%, 10.2% and 0% performances respectively. Year-to-date, the State government has expended N21.6 billion to service its debt, which is 61.0% of the budgeted N35.4 billion public debt charges. Foreign debt gulped 13.4 billion; while domestic took N8.2 billion.

Disturbingly, key sectors such as education, health, agriculture and public works & infrastructure had below expected performances of 27.6%, 13.8%, 45.4% and 40.7% respectively. Interestingly, only the Ministry of Internal Security and Home Affairs, Metropolitan Authorities as well as Planning & Budget Commission had above 50% performances with 67.4%, 74.1% and 66.6% respectively.

The below expected 40% total budget (year-to-date) performance highlights the concern consistently being raised by civil society actors as to the absence of realistic budgeting. For instance, the draft Medium Term Expenditure Framework (MTEF, 2023-2025) made public gave a budget size of about N234.1 billion but the approved budget was inflated to N376 billion. More importantly, the 33% capital expenditure performance needs to be tracked to ensure it is being cash-backed as well as value for money in service delivery.

Lets engage, ask the right questions and hold the government accountable.

Yusuf Ishaku Goje
Active Citizen



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