The Kaduna State Government has warned that it would not allow members of an unlawful society to violate the law or threaten peace in the state. The government said it would arrest and prosecute anyone that marches in the state in the name of the outlawed Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN).

A statement signed by the spokesperson to the Governor, Samuel Aruwan, on Monday 6th November 2017, said the state is concerned by reports of violent clashes between the outlawed movement and security agencies in a neighbouring state. Aruwan said that Kaduna State has put the security forces on alert against any threat to peace.

“The Kaduna State Government has warned members of the proscribed Islamic Movement in Nigeria to steer clear from the borders of the state. Security agencies have been alerted to arrest and prosecute anyone found demonstrating or carrying out a procession within the state in the name of an outlawed group.

“The government will not shirk its duty to enforce the law and uphold order. Security agencies have been directed to mount surveillance in all parts of the state, especially in border communities. Procession from any state into Kaduna by members of an unlawful society is not allowed.

“Residents of the state are advised to alert security agencies of any procession by members of IMN in any part of the state, especially from Kaduna communities close to the borders of neighbouring states.”




Samuel Aruwan
SSA to the Governor (Media and Publicity)
6th November, 2017.

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