Bishop Mon Igbinosa

By Frank Ehizogie, Benin City, Edo State, South South Nigeria.

 Nigerians irrespective of their callings,  have been charged not to reduce Christianity to a miracles seeking affair but to seek knowledge of the ways of  God and live by  his tenets. 

Speaking during the First Sunday of the year Service at Gospel Outreach Church Ekpoma , Bishop Mon Igbinosa , Chairman  Edo state chapter of Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria  and founder of the church, urged Christians to seek to know God because so much can happen on the positive side for those who know him. 

He however also warned that so much can happen on the negative side for those who don’t know him. 

Quoting several Biblical injunctions, the cleric said those who do not seek the knowledge of God and his ways stand the risk of living their lives like reprobates while those who seek him have every good thing His kingdom offers to gain. 

For example he said people  who know God will never walk in darkness and as the Bible says,  they shall do exploits. Bishop Igbinosa  narrated the story of Israelites in the book of judges saying they could not live a life that brings glory and honour to God because  they did not know Him. 

He also further substantiated the teaching with Pharaoh’s experience in the book of Exodus pointing out that Pharaoh’s chose to be at loggerhead with God because he did not know Him. 

Bishop  Igbinosa said “People don’t serve God because they don’t know Him.  They don’t know he is an absolute good God”.

In commemoration of the theme,  which the Church adopted as its theme of the year,  the religious leader  pleaded with all , on the need for total obedience to God’s dictates and expectations, to justify His promise and manifestation of His glory to turn around their destiny.

He described knowledge as key to life; because according to him, it opens one up to life’s opportunities. He pointed out that if a person knows God, such a person would love Him, know His likes and dislikes and how to please Him.

He said, “To say you are a Christian that loves God is to live like Him; not just in words but in actions and behaviour.”

The Edo state PFN chairman acknowledged that the world had become unsafe, with wars and abnormal behavior  by people  who claim  it is good to marry people of the same sex. He however concluded with a charge to all Christians to seek to know God, because the knowledge of who God will bring about faith and trust in the truth that God is dependable.

According to him, ” to have a new car is good , to have a new home is good,  to have a new wife is good, and to have plenty money is good bit if you want all of that seek God first and all other things will be added.

” We are adopting this theme this year because  I have discovered that you can seek God and the righteousness of God and do well. What will make life great is ability to know Him. What will make life amazing is to know Him and retain a knowledge of Him”

He added that there are also problems within the church, because many members are focused on promoting their own selfish interests, forgetting to put God first in all things.

Bishop Igbinosa prayed for all present at the service, declaring that it will be a year of fulfilled expectations for all. He highlighted some of his plans for Gospel Outreach Church  this year pointing out that a leadership program will be holding soon while this year’s annual convention will hold in August. 

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