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MY VISIT TO NOK UNIVERSITY – Dr. Ahmad Abubakar Mamud Gumi

Today I was in Kachia, on the invitation of my old school mate (SMC), Dokajin Jaba, Mr. Anthony Hassan to bless his newly built university located in the outskirts of Kachia, southern Kaduna.

The project started in Sept 2019 and in just about a year, the University is almost ready for opening any time soon.

The visit is a big eye-opener for me.

With dedicated, honest hardworking people like my dear school mate, we as a nation can turn things around in less than a year with the right people in power. Building a university with fully equipped three faculties as a start (faculty of science and computer studies, faculty of environmental studies – architecture and QS, and faculty of health sciences which includes Radiography) is not a small task.

I am humbled by the dedication, hard work, and extent of the execution of the project. My heart also laments our lassitude, sluggishness, and miserly when it comes to supporting education even though our greatest malady is educational backwardness.

Just two days ago, I lost a dear friend and colleague, Prof. Abdulhameed Isa Dutse – Rahmatullah Alayhi. Despite all the efforts he put to improve AKTH in Kano as a Centre of excellence being the CMD for quite some time, unfortunately, when he needed a coronary artery surgery for blockage, he had to go to Lagos where such facilities are only available.

The educational and developmental gap is just evident and increasing.

Our main problems are two.

The political class and the business community. They are mainly only into trivialities. They cannot support and finance the good people for our common good. Their mental lethargy is just pathetic.

May Allah guide us all aright. Amin



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