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Nutrition Society Of Nigeria Holds Scientific Conference In Kaduna

Nutrition Society Of Nigeria (NSN), on Monday commenced its 50th National Annual General Meeting and Scientific Conference in Kaduna.
The conference which will end on 19th November, 2020, according to the organizer, is an opportunity for members and other stakeholder to come up with solutions that could help in improving nutrition intervention outcomes in Nigeria through evidence based nutrition data generation and dissemination.

Chairman, Education Committee of NSN, Professor Afolabi Wasiu, during the pre-conference meeting tagged: “Data Visualization and Management” noted that high-quality and relevant nutrition data is needed to understand progress towards reducing malnutrition and reaching nutrition targets. 

According to him, “the importance of data in socioeconomic development of nations cannot be overemphasized. Reliable data is required for planning, implementation as well as monitoring and evaluation.

“it is interesting to note that often times nutrition data are just not available and when available are fragmented and incomplete especially in developing countries.
“This makes it difficult for governments, development partners, and other nutrition stakeholders to access and use data to monitor ongoing efforts and allocate resources. 

“This has served as an impediment to proper policy and programme design and development leading to poor nutrition outcomes. The Nutrition Society of Nigeria as one of the stakeholders in the nutrition community is committed to ensuring high-quality nutrition data generation for national development.”
He added that the society acknowledges the support of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation for providing funds through project ENAN for this pre-conference among other sponsored programmes of this conference. 

“The Society has identified relevant experts and individuals who have a deeper understanding of the subject matter and who will do justice to the topics. I therefore implore you all to sit back, pay attention, enjoy the presentations and learn new skills.” Professor Afolabi, said.

Culled from New Nigerian Newspaper



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