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Ondo church massacre and govt glaring failure

The attack on Christian worshippers this Sunday morning at the St. Francis Catholic Church, Owo town in Ondo State, in which scores of worshippers were killed by yet to be identified gunmen is one too many and must be condemned, as sacrilegious in its entirety by all well-meaning people.

The upsurge in violent attacks, kidnapping and insecurity in several parts of the country in recent times has become the order of the day. It is not just enough for president Buhari to, in his usual rhetoric condemn such violent attacks, while nothing meaningful comes out of such talks. But the government has for several years now, treated the level of insecurity in the country with such levity and lackadaisical attitude. These senseless and unprovoked attacks on worshippers and innocent citizens are unacceptable, condemnable and the culprits must be checked, in proactive and swift actions before they unleash such terror attacks, apprehended and brought to book.
If the government had lived up to its expectations, as promised by the Buhari administration, during his inaugural speech and manifesto of his political party, the APC, perhaps, the mayhem and violent attacks all over the country, would have abated by now.

The level of insecurity now in the country, sends a very negative signal to foreign investors, most of whom have diverted their investments to other countries in the subregion, considered to be safer investments havens. If the lives of innocent worshippers are snuffed out in a church, where else can be safe in the country?

Some Nigerians had expected that President Buhari being a retired Army general and Commander-In-Chief of the Armed Forces, was better positioned to address the lingering issue of incessant attacks by different militia groups in the country. Unfortunately, this has not been the case, as such attacks, which were hitherto restricted to the North East parts of the country, have since spread to nearly all regions of the country.

Nigerians and indeed the rest of the world are sick and tired of highfaluting words and rhetorics from the government, in reaction to subsequent and frequent attacks by armed gangs and groups. One of the main responsibilities and essence of any effective government is the security of lives and property, and to protect her territorial integrity from both internal and external threats. And where there are any breaches of security, the culprits must be apprehended and dealt with severely.

This glaring failure of the Federal government of Nigeria, to effectively police its territory, may give credence to those that are advocating for State and Local government Policing. The police and security structures of the country have become too centralized and rendered ineffective by the share size of the country, rising unemployment and misery index, which have combined to heightened insecurity in the country.




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