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HomeNewsOPEN LETTER TO GOVERNOR EL-RUFAI - By HonMadaki Shuwani Seth.


I crave the indulgence of all the sabi people who would be of the opinion that I should not have written this letter and posted it in the public domain, I would say am sorry but I don’t regret it.

Your Excellency Sir with all due respect this open letter is written with all the best intentions to help you correct some abnormalities in our great party and the state.

Sir if any of your appointees tell you that you would win the election in 2019 straight away is a lier and an enemy of yours to the core.

Any party executive that tells you all is well in the party structures is hypocrite.

Your Excellency sir as a party stakeholder and a youth leader who is with the people daily I can authoritatively tell you the silent majority are angry and don’t seem to be on the same page with us,am using “US” because I am a part of the people that brought you to power by soliciting for votes from the people in your name.

Your Excellency the people have not come to terms with the reforms by this government and the inactions of your officials has made matters worst as they went about their duties nonchalantly creating a bigger than life picture of situations making us no better than the PDP.

Sir you might not know but the recent district head thing was characterized by some many inregularities and impunity

The retrenchment of civil servants has left a sour taste in the mouths of many critical stakeholders and we saw their might in the just concluded local government election.

It may interest you to know that all things being equal we would have won outrightly based on our 2015 performance, its would not be out of place to state that your body language didn’t help matters as unconsciously you created room for so people to act any how.

Sir you must have heard how aspirant’s under APC refused to campaign hoping you would just write their names and submit to KAD-SIECOM and we paid dearly for that mistake in some areas,our inability to have a coordinated campaign rallies showed how unorganized we have become because we have left room for any rubbish to strive.

My Governor the party is the worst hit,we party members were not allowed to elect our aspirants nor our party exco at all levels creating a huge divide within interest lines.
Your appointees and some elected officials have hijacked the structure to put men and women in their good books whom are willing to do their bidding at the appointed time(primaries) I Dare anyone to debate me on that especially Kaduna South and Barnawa APC executive

Your Excellency Sir I believe you and love what you are doing for my state Kaduna but if things continue the way they’re going you would not return to sir kashim house come 2019.
It is a shame that your supporters are treated as thrash by government house officials I have witnessed 3 of such occasions where youth leaderswere virtually thrown out of government house, your officials have turned party activities into family affairs and the right people are sidelined under different pretext.

Sir look back into your team in 2015 and see how many are still with you now,why have you allowed yourself to be dragged into sectional politics were you go about raising people’s hands when other stakeholders are interested in the same position as a leader you should be neutral.

Pardon my straight forwardness Sir but I can’t stand and watch people lead you astray as the good work you started in Kaduna state must be fulfilled by the special grace of God Almighty Amen.



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