OPINION: Buhari & Lies Of Paying Biafra Ex Servicemen.

As an expert in bursting Buhari and his handlers lies, I intentionally allowed this tale by moon light story of his ‘Approval’ to pay 167 Igbos that left the Nigerian Police force and the army to fly for days before I bins it.

Buhari has NEVER built anything as a public servant, nothing as a former state governor, Oil Minister/NNPC Boss, Head of State, PTF Chairman and nearly 3 years in office of President.

On this Pension and gratuity payment to Bifran ex-service men that left either the Nigerian army or the Police, below are the facts with timeline.

In May 2000, former President Obasanjo pardoned Igbo soldiers and Police officers that joined the Biafran security service at the outbreak of the war. They were deemed to have retired instead of the sack notice from Gen Gowon.

This decision was gazatted.

In August 2014, for Preisdent Jonathan instructed the Military and Police Pension Board to rectify the retirement process. He added that not minding the number of years they served, they should be treated as if they have served for 35 years.

This caused a lot of rift in the Military, but the president stood his ground.

By end of August their gratuities were paid and their annuity (monthly pension) triggered.
This decision was gazatted.

Last week, the Executive secretary of Pension Transitional Arrangement Directorate (PTAD), Mrs Sharon Ikpazor’s office stumbled into names of 167 ex-Biafra officers that were Biometrically cleared for regular payment in 2014.
As usual the lying by nature government went to town with drums.

Action by PTAD was just a normal civil service routine job. If Buhari took this decision out of the wood, he should have notified the National Assembly or FEC.

Just like claiming the introduction of TSA, OBJ pardoned this folks and GEJ enlisted them in the Pension scheme.

Ask Buhari what is his role here.

Chidi Cali

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