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The East/West/Middle Belt Consensus suggested here as the panacea to the perennial Fulani brigandage is the main thrust of the LNC-inspired MNN which culminated in the Broken Map that Isolated the embattled 12-State Sharia Caliphate contiguity by the rest of Nigeria since 2011.

The 2013 US Army War College Report on Nigeria titled “NIGERIAN UNITY: IN THE BALANCE”, crisply articulated and highlighted this dramatic development when it declared that the CENTRIFUGAL forces which sought the dismantling of Nigeria for well founded reasons had triumphed over the CENTRIPETAL forces struggling to keep Nigeria one by force. The Report, which dismissed prevailing US Policy in the Region including AFRICOM, as grossly ill-informed, went on at page 50 to advise Washington to get ready embrace the successor-states already emerging from the inevitable splintering of Nigeria.

The Map silhouetted by that Report for the irreversible splintering of Nigeria is in sharp congruence with the MNN Broken Map below and the reasons offered by that Report for this unstoppable development, are practically lifted from the MNN LAGOS DECLARATION OF JUNE 30, 2011, illuminated further from the Eastern Nigeria perspective by the ALADIMMA EPISTLE 2012.

If these two Public Documents of the LNC did not precede the 2013 Report, many would have alleged that the said Report was the Script the LNC was driving.
(Google the Report, and juxtapose with the referenced 2011 MNN LAGOS DECLATATION and the 2012 ALADIMMA EPISTLE, both already posted on this Forum severally, though available on the NOTICE BOARD of the LNC website

A click on “Lower Niger Congress” on Wikipedia will also throw up these Documents and much more, including hundreds of audiovisuals showing the processes).

Those who fancy themselves “Intelligentsia” but who lack the requisite inquisitorial rigour that earn that appellation are roguish impostors and a danger to the society that looks up to them. I would therefore anticipate to be engaged only by those amongst us who would have the discipline to first probe, examine and verify the claims contained in the specific verifiable references made in this post, rather than the usual kneejerk blurts that seem the staple of the lazy but noisy few amongst us.

Those who wish to reinvent the wheel can commence consultations fresh consultations with both our brethren in the Niger Delta and the outlying Yoruba Territory as well as the Middle Belt, but those who wish to join the urgent task of halting the repeat of the genocide we had to endure as a people 50 years ago, would do well to examine the referenced materials to get their bearings correctly in where things are coming from, where they are now and where they are headed. That is what a responsible Intelligentsia does for a Society. Not beer-parlour level regurgitation of the lazy revisionism orchestrated by the enemy as one often sees here. A responsible Intelligentsia must rise above that or be swept into oblivion.

Nigeria is gone for good. The interment process and the birthing of the successor state entities is in progress. The Prospective Lower Niger Federation is first on the line with its UN-backed Referendum already being processed.

The painstakingly built Alliances and Consensus knitting the approaching post-Nigeria formations already emerging as successor state entities, embed such Protocols as would minimize the dislocation of, and losses to the widely dispersed and heavily invested Igbo in the defunct Federation of Nigeria.

The LNC is finalizing the modalities for a rollout of the LOWER NIGER ASSET PROTECTION AND GUARANTEE SCHEME which was emplaced since 2012, in anticipation of the jaded but often effective Caliphate brinkmanship in the difficult, bloodsoaked dialogues with the rest of Nigeria.

The Kaduna Declaration was unleashed by the embattled and utterly distressed Caliphate, to rattle the Igbo into hurriedly abandoning the Quest for Self-Determination and perhaps accept a Restructuring that retains One-Nigeria. This gambit may have yielded the pandemonium and armageddon-scenario intended by its authors in the Caliphate Intelligentsia and Strategists, it has however been caught by the trap of those who set up the winding up process for Nigeria and has only hastened the demise of the Caliphate precious baby fondly called “One-Nigeria”.

God is Great. God is Omniscient and Omnipotent. Whilst the Thoughtleaders/Elite/Intelligentsia of Eastern Nigeria who were/are not involved with the tortuous but unseen dynamics diving the current unravelling of toxic Nigeria may be prancing towards the Restructuring that seems to them as falling from the sky, the LNC would keep to its Script that clinically isolates and quarantine the 12-State Sharia/Feudal Contiguity.

I pause here for now.

Tony Nnadi



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