OPINION: Matters Arising: Packaged Special Centres

Official WAEC registration fee is less than N16,000. As a parent, when you pay N35k, N45k, N55k+ for your child’s WAEC registration, what are you paying for? RUNZ!! Parent will even ask you if you’re sure the child will get good grades if they pay the amount.

WAEC no longer set questions for students, they set it for teachers because in 7 out of 10 schools particularly private schools, teachers are the ones answering the questions and feeding the students with answers. While WAEC was ongoing last year, sitting at the comfort of my office I was receiving WhatsApp messages of solutions to questions both theory and objectives posted on a group comprising of Educators for all subjects daily. The solutions were being sent to students in the hall as exam progresses daily

I remember visiting a school while exam was in progress to market a service I render and saw clearly a teacher calling answers (objective) to students writing exam and peeping via the window if an unexpected guest was coming. I know a school who stood strongly against assisting students during exam and went out of their way coaching students before each subject at no additional cost, yet; the backlash was so much from parents, the students felt so disappointed they were not assisted inside the hall ‘cos they saw it as a normal thing. It breaks their heart more when they relate with their peers from other schools after a paper and realized that virtually everyone else was assisted except them.

Students NO LONGER read or task themselves to prepare for SSCE. To the schools, good grades is a Marketing strategy for them and they go the extra mile to get it. No thanks to JAMB for contributing unknowingly to this malpractices. Weighing of O’level grades as one of the measures of getting cumulative for admission is good but we ain’t ripe for it. The desperacy to get A’s and B’s drives stakeholders to go the extra mile.

These days students writing WAEC are so ……. You can’t even differentiate when exam is on or not. WAEC/JAMB Students that can’t differentiate between odd and even numbers, satisfactorily define Government, balance a chemical equation, write a 1000 words letter or defend their result but are involved deeply into YAHOO, RUNZ, SPORT BETTING and hustle for money

School owners, parents and governments must be willing and ready to take the bull by the horn and reverse 20years+ to when WAEC was WAEC and students prepared for WAEC/GCE. Students should NOT write WAEC in their school, take them to another city or state and eliminate any kind of familiarity. Schools that rely on ‘external candidates’ for survival should be checked and invigilators sanctioned.

Unfortunately, when these students cross the SSCE hurdle it becomes difficult to cross the UTME and university hurdle without support. As concerned parents, let’s help re-build the intellectual capacity of our students so they can be gems in all areas of learning and become self reliant. Happy Children’s Day

O’Bosun Abiodun
Convener: JAMB Students Conference
Author: Career Insight

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