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Polls : Tambuwal urges calm, tells supporters to focus on guber, assembly elections.

By Ado Hassan, Sokoto

Governor Aminu Waziri Tambuwal yesterday urged the people of Sokoto state to be remain resolute and dedicate themselves ahead of the governorship and state assembly elections in the state.

According to Tambuwal, ” we should not allow ourselves to be intimidated or terrorised to fail in this civic responsibility.

” We should be prepared to come out and elect our leaders at this most critical tier of government that has direct bearing on the lives of our teaming masses.

He said ” our administration and political party is determined to promote free and fair elections in an atmosphere of peace and freedom of choice.”

Tambuwal in a tension dousing statewide broadcast to the people of the state appealed for continued patience and obedience to the law while stressing that despite the continued determination during the elections by the opposition to exhibit and engage in a do or die politics, ” leaders and loyalists of our party were harassed, hounded and arrested by security agents, even on the day of election.”

He alleged that polling units identified as the party’s strong holds, logistics and technical problems delayed balloting  to very late hours and we were well aware of efforts to engage electoral officials and security agents by the opposition, with a view to compromising integrity.

” Manifestations of these machinations include the late hour transfer of security officials and replacement of electoral officers”, he emphasised.

Besides, Tambuwal further recalled “our party, the PDP, ran a peaceful campaign devoid of violence or thuggery in the conviction that our ambition is not worth the lives and safety of our people.

” The opposition also engaged in post election mayhem, with attacks and arson on law abiding citizens. Many properties and houses were razed in Wamakko and Kware towns and part of Sokoto metropolis against perceived opponents and non partisan members of the public.”

The governor pointed out that” as far we are concerned, is the greatest victory than winning at the ballot box. During the electioneering campaigns, our party, engaged in the mobilisation of our people towards giving us mandate.

” Our objective for seeking your mandate is for service to the society, rather than proving our strength. We demand a chance for our people to choose or reject us in their own free will”, Tambuwal added.

In the same vein, the governor while expressing gratitude to the people of the state for their support and positive attitude and enjoined them to maintain positive posture through out the process, commiserated with victims of a fresh bandits attacks in Dallijan, Rakkoni and Kalhu communities on Monday night.

” This sad development is necessary for security agents to rededicate themselves  to their critical role of defending lives and properties of people and avoid being distracted by unscrupulous  politicians who seek power at the cost of lives of the people. Indeed, we should remember that power comes from God who hives leadership to whom He wishes at the time He wishes”, he said.



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