Pastor Yohanna bBuru, the General Overseer of Christ Evangelical and Life Intervention Ministry sSabon Tasha Kaduna  has visited his Muslims friends and break fast with them , with  the aims of   strengthening peaceful coexistence and religious tolerance among different faith base organization  in the state.

According to him During their Lenten season , fasting and prayers for 40 days, Muslims usually comes to their home and join them in breaking the lent in order to boost good relationship between Muslims and Christians.

Pastor Buru said ,we came to felicitate with you for the commencement of the holy month of Ramadan and to urged you our Muslims brothers to redoubled effort and dedicate more time in prayers to heal the world against Covid 19

.The visitation also was aimed toward encouraging “Christian-Muslims relationship in the state,  so as to further strengthen peaceful co-existence and ties – religious tolerance, forgiveness among Nigerians , and also to spread the message of Peace, unity and to shun all forms of ethno-religious , political and regional differences

Iftar give us opportunity to promote interfaith activities and spread the message of peace and better understanding,so as to live in peace and harmony with all mankind.

It was observed that Both The Muslims and Christian were seen  eaten and drinking different varieties of foodstuff after breaking the fast

Pastor yohanna buru said, we as christian leaders ,every year usually go to prison and bail-out some muslims brother, in other to get them Freedom,so that they can do their fasting at home with friends,family and Relative like any other muslims , and we usually join muslims scholars in breaking fast and attend their Tafsir to learnt together with them.

“we usually join top Islamic leaders,including visiting sultan of sokoto  in breaking fast to boost religion tolerance among Citizens”

Pastor said, we know the value of prayer and fasting that is why we came to appealed to you to pray for the continuous unity of the country, and for God to save his people against Covid 19 that is killing people world wide.

Covid 19 has crippled activities of every nation hence the need for muslims and Christians to go back to almighty for corona-virus cure.

Also responding is Evengelist jonathan with elder Rawland sanda has  expressed satisfaction for the visits  and called on both federal and state government to be organizing more inter-faith breaking fast across the country,

according to them this will surely gives more room for dialogue among different faith base organization that will encourage ever-lasting peace building in the entire country.

In his remark, Alhaji mohammed Ibrahim gashash ,sardaunan Matasan Arewa says , it’s a great privilege for his Christians friend that visited him to sthrenthening better understanding and religious tolerance

Gashash says, we must join hands to make Nigeria a better place

While calling on marketers to fear God and cut-down prices of Good and service,he equally draw the attension of wealthy individual toward helping the poor during a season like this

Gashash then called on Nigeria to be respecting social and physical distancing, while appealing to Nigerian to be using their face mask and always wash their hands and avoid over crowd

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