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Soro Soke’! The rebellious phrase that got the youth going

In loving memory of those who joined the protest and those who lost their lives in lekki toll gate (2020)

In the year 2020, something that had never happened in the history of Nigeria’s 60 years of independence took place; Nigerian youth come together with one voice against something.

Social media was on fire! As so many hastags sprang up:




These and many more hastags were used to express the anger and displeasure of Nigerians over the failure for the past few years!

Soro Soke’ which means ‘Speak up!’ in Yoruba was a common phrase in the mouth of everyone, it was later accompanied by ‘werey” a Yoruba word which means “mad” or “crazy” but is sometimes used as a word of endearment amongst friends.

Soro Soke’ werey suddenly became a Rebellious phrase that got every citizen going especially the youth as it became a war cry.

All over the world both home and abroad this phrase took on alot of meaning. It was first a call to protesters not to give up and also a reminder for Nigerians not to lose focus as they pressed home their demands for a better Nigeria.

This was accompanied with a peaceful protest walk across major cities in Nigeria. It seemed like suddenly the citizens had woken up from a long sleep. It was indeed a beautiful sight as many Nigerians irrespective of religion, age, gender and status came together to achieve something.

But saddly, it was short lived as tragedy befell some of the youth. On October 20th, 2020 in the night the Nigerian army opened fire on armless protesters in lekki tollgate living some lifeless and many injured.

This sent shock to the heart of everyone all over the world. The funny thing is, up till this moment authorities still deny having a hand in the killings, they went as far as saying “No live was lost” even with videos proving otherwise.

The ENDSARS massacre can be likened to the USSR (Russia) revolution by the working class, the only difference is one raised a flag as a sign of I surrender while the other pressed on untill change came.

USSR revolution

According to history in USSR now Russia (1917). the working class got tired of the opression of the ruling class which gave birth to a revolution as the working class went on a peaceful protest. In other to create fear in the heart of the working class the ruling class asked the soilders to open fire on them. As some set were gunned down another set took their place and continued the protest until the soilders got tired, joined the protesters and together overthrew the working class.

October 20th, 2022 marked two years since the endsars killing took place and it still seemed like yesterday as it remains fresh in the heart of citizens who lost their loved ones in the masscre.

Question is

Have the youth chickend out?

‘who knows’
Will we ever see a repeat of such protest?
“Who can tell”
Who is ready to be the sacrifice?
” Question for another day”

But note

Those who died Paved an unseen way, so if you are not ready to make the sacrifices for others who will make the sacrifices for you?

Soro Soke’!

Food for thought for the weekend



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