Southern Kaduna Elders Endorses Hadiza Balarabe for the 2019 elections.

Dr Hadiza Balarabe


1. We the elders of Southern Kaduna Forum wish to call on all our people from this Zone to exercise restraint and caution especially after the announcement of Dr. Hadiza Balarabe as the running mate of the Kaduna State Governor for the 2019 elections. We have observed some divisive statements emanating from some quarters since the news broke out and reiterate the fact that all hands must be on deck to desist from this religious dichotomy that is being propagated in Southern Kaduna.

2. It is unfortunate and depressing when some of us stood up and formed this group in 1995 to advance and advocate for Gurara State( Southern Kaduna) with different memoranda at the National Constitution Conference during the Sani Abacha Military administration, we were a group of passionate indigenous people of Southern Kaduna. We had in us Christians and Muslims from Southern Kaduna, we had the bajjus, the Kajes, numana’s, Kataf, Chonga’s etc all united for the common good of our vision of a Gurara State.

3. It will be very selfish of us if we persecute Dr. Hadiza to alienate her from her ancestral home of Southern Kaduna of denying her this opportunity particularly because of her faith.

4. When we pushed for this onerous cause of a united prosperous Gurara State in 1995, we had the least of worries that we will be confronted with this petty level of divisiveness nontolerance. If we had gotten Gurara State will we drive the Muslims and traditionalist out of Gurara State?

5. We must emulate our brothers from the Southwest in our political engagement and direction if we truly wish to advance as a people. Dr. Hadiza Balarabe is a bonafide Southern Kaduna indigene from Sanga and we will not deny her the opportunity to serve in whatever capacity the Governor deem fit.

6. As a medical doctor how many of us ask her what her religion is before meeting her in the hospital? If we didn’t play politics or religion with our health why shouldn’t she be a Deputy Governor if elected? That will be hypocritical.

We THE SOUTHERN KADUNA ELDERS FORUM after careful deliberations hereby endorse the Deputy Governorship candidacy of our daughter Dr. Hadiza Balarabe for the 2019 elections.

(Southern Kaduna Elders Forum)

Rev Musa Kokwain.

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